The Top Three Jobs on Gumtree

While searching for his dream job, #FindaGem winner, Genki from Southport, Queensland, spotted a gem when browsing the Jobs category on Gumtree. We’re not all lucky enough to stumble across a $1,000 Gem and most of us need a job to make ends meet. If you’re hunting for a job in hospitality, trade and construction…

Paperback books

Paperback Book Day

Today is National Cheesecake Day as well as Paperback Book Day. While you can attempt to find a fresh cheesecake on Gumtree, or even a cake baker, you’re much more likely to come across a lot of paperback books (tens of thousands, even). If reading more was on your list of New Year’s resolutions, but…

Find a gem - Ashleigh

Using Gumtree on the Go

A new ad is posted on Gumtree every 1.1 seconds, meaning there are tonnes of new listings every day and even more treasures to choose from. Finding time to hunt for a new couch, car, housemate or TV can be tricky, but we’ve got an easy solution… For some, using social apps are a great…


Gumtree Gardening: Winter Ideas

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the garden! There are plenty of plants, flowers and veggies that thrive in the cooler months. So, if your garden’s looking a bit drab and you’re keen to spruce it up, we have a few suggestions to help brighten your garden this winter….

Woman Running in the Park

Preparing for Running Events

Some of Australia’s biggest and most exciting running events take place from the end of July through to October, encouraging you to wake up from winter hibernation and stretch those legs. Whether you’re a serious runner or simply looking to enter a fun-run with friends, preparation to get you across the finish line is essential….