The 10 most wanted jobs on the market


Our research has revealed 10 of the most wanted jobs that you could have. These jobs are out of the norm and differ from your nine-five day jobs.

Without further ado, here are 10 jobs that people do to make a crust and we want:

Drone pilot

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There are many rules that go with flying a drone and more to come in the future. It’s not hard to become a drone pilot and it’s becoming a lot easier to find paid work flying a drone – especially for location shots. Put it this way, it’s cheaper to hire a drone pilot for the day than hiring a helicopter pilot.

It’s definitely a job that you could make a future career from, think of the possibilities and avenues. Take Real Estate, for example, a company is building a sky scraper and they want to know what kind of views they can get from the 38th floor, just send up a drone and take a 360-degree shot!

Video game tester

Gaming companies pay you to test new games that they’re going to release, so in essence, you make money for playing games. So, when your parents told you that playing video games wasn’t going to get you anywhere…they were wrong!

These companies want to get your thoughts on the quality and usability of a game before it gets released into the market. They also want to see why you buy certain games or products, as it helps companies improve their products and your opinion helps.

It’s not all about chilling and playing a game at your own leisure – a lot of the time it’s the Gamers objective to find faults in a game and report it to the developers.

Food taster

Do you like to eat ice cream and all types of wonderful food, then a Professional Taster might be the job for you? As a Taster, you test a variety of products that are on supermarket shelves for consistency, taste, smell, and overall feel of the product.

This job would definitely have its perks, that is until you taste something nasty and can’t get the taste out of your mouth. The job of a Taster is important and influences the way a product goes to market or the way it’s made.

Movie and TV extra

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Being an extra has its rewards, you get to see famous people or at least feature on shows like Home and Away or Neighbours.

If you’re dreaming of making it big, there is quite a small chance of being the next Brad Pitt (who started his career as an extra in 1987’s Less Than Zero).

That being said, you could make it to Hollywood and become a star! A few other notable actors that started their careers as extras include Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as well as Bruce Willis.

Award seat filler

This purpose of this job is to fill seats while stars need to use the restroom or stretch their legs and to make sure the auditorium remains full for the home viewer.

You may recall the Seinfeld episode where Kramer became a seat filler for the Tony Awards and gets swept up on stage when the people in his row win for Scarsdale Surprise. It’s a must-see episode, don’t know how it would play in real life though?

Deck hand

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Love the water? How about working on an ocean liner or billionaires boat? Spend your days sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and kayaking. Of course, you would need your diving instructor license and a lot of other qualifications. If you’re interested, make sure you do a Google search and you may find yourself in the Caribbean soaking up rays.

Hop on hop off bus tour guide

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If you like to tell a yarn or two and have good knowledge of your city and its history – a tour guide job could be right up your alley.

Most major cities in Australia and around the world have many tours. The guide shows holiday goers around the city and gives a bit of history to landmarks. You’re meeting people on their holidays and when they’re at their most relaxed… sounds like a pretty cruisy job.

Surf instructor

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To qualify for this job, you don’t have to be Keanu Reeves (Point Break joke) but you do need to know how to surf and pass a number of life-saving courses. Once you complete all of the criteria, it would be an awesome job, surf, sand, and sun.

Fashion buyer

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Do you know what’s hot right now? As a fashion buyer, you’d be the person that selects the items that hits the shelves each season. Working with designers, attending fashions shows and hanging out with the designer community sounds fantastic.


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Depending on where you get placed as a Jackaroo, your duties can consist of riding horses to managing livestock or maintaining properties e.g. fixing fences and digging trenches. You may need to get accredited in OHS and equipment licenses – do a quick Google search and you should be able to find places that do this sort of training. It wouldn’t be an easy job, but it would be a once in a life time opportunity.

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