19 ways to make quick money this summer

Make Quick Money

We can always use some extra money and when the summer holidays come around, it’s the perfect time to get out and about.  Whether it’s to pay off the bills, buy Christmas gifts or take yourself on a much needed holiday, here are 19 fun, quick and relatively easy ways you can make some cash and spoil yourself (or someone special) this summer!

1. Gumtree Jobs: Whether it be editing, writing or even designing a logo, put your creative talents to work and get paid. Simply set up a free ad and promote your services.

2. Helping out a neighbour: It’s always nice to help out an elderly neighbour. It might be picking up something from the shop, taking heir bins out or mowing their lawn. You may not earn much but you’ll be rewarded with good karma at the same time.

3. Dog walker: If you are a pet lover this is one summer job that will be a walk in the park. Advertise your services amongst friends and family or even on Gumtree with a free ad.

4. Source free items to sell: Did you know that Gumtree has a section where people are giving their items away for free! You are bound to spot a treasure that you can pick up and make a profit on without any work at all.

5. Ironing: If you are one of the rare Australians who likes to iron, this could be an opportunity you can’t miss. Ask for the clothes to be dropped off or charge an extra fee for pick up and drop off.

6. Writing online: If words are your forte, why not advertise yourself as a freelance writer and earn some money in your free time.  Depending on your experience, you can earn either on a per word basis or per article. It’s a quick way to get cash.

7. Taking surveys: There are plenty of opportunities to partake in market research studies or online surveys to make money simply for giving your opinion.

8. Enter competitions: Much like surveys, try your luck entering competitions online and in magazines for quick money.

9. Walking groups: If you love getting out and about why not encourage those in your local area to join you. Charge a dollar or two and motivate your neighbours to get moving and get fit.

10. Lemonade stand: Always a classic, the lemonade stand (under parental supervision of course) is a fun way for the kids to get involved and learn the value of a dollar.

11. Babysitting / Childminding: With a working with children check, you can always offer your services to mind children over the summer period.

12. Tutoring: Fancy yourself clever in Mathematics or English? Some kids may need some extra help before the new school year starts. This could be one way you can make some money doing something you love.

13. Overtime: You could always ask your boss if there is an opportunity to take up some additional shifts at work.  With staff wanting Christmas leave, there may be a chance to earn some money doing overtime.

14. Household chores: If the kids are looking to earn a little pocket money, perhaps enticing them to do some additional chores around the house with a reward attached will spark their interest. It will certainly leave you to have some spare time.

15. Uber Driver: Whilst there are specific conditions that must be met before you can become an Uber driver, it is worth looking into especially over the summer period where people are out and about and need efficient services to transport them around.

16. Errands: When Christmas is on the horizon, we all seem to have more on our plate than hours in the day.  Offer your services to run errands for your friends, family, and neighbours.

17. Face painting: There are plenty of parties held over summer and if you are clever with your hands you could promote yourself to do face painting for kids.

18. Sell your unwanted items: Using Gumtree to sell your unwanted items is one of those things highly valued buy Aussies.  Not only is it free to use but with so many users, your ads will reach a whole load of people all around the country.

19. Sell other people’s items: When you run out of selling your unwanted goodies, ask friends and family if they have anything they no longer need. This way you are not only helping them to declutter but can make a commission too!

There are literally hundreds of ways to make quick money over summer. Gumtree’s annual Second Hand Economy Report shows Australians could stand to earn $34 billion from the second-hand economy.  Given the average Australian household is sitting on $4,200 worth of unwanted items, it’s well worth seeing what you can list on Gumtree to sell this summer and earn some much needed quick cash!

Hope this list has inspired you!


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