3 Tips on Cashing In Those Unwanted Gifts

14.2 million unwanted gifts were received this christmas by Australians costing $475 million!

Did Santa miss the mark this year? You’re not alone. More than 14 million Aussies received unwanted presents over the holidays.

But there’s always a silver lining. Over 27% of Australians were actually hoping to receive gifts that they could re-sell online. Unwanted items fetch pretty good prices, with most averaging out a $65 profit. No wonder 1.7 million Aussies are heading online to convert their unwanted gifts into cash.

So why not give it a go? Here are 3 tips for selling your unwanted gifts on Gumtree:

  1. Be descriptive: Describe the product you’re selling including its features. The more detail you provide, the more likely you’ll make a sale at the price you’re looking for.
  2. Make your ad visual: Include a range of images of the product so buyers can visualise the item you’re selling.
  3. Sell at a fair price: Research similar products that are selling online and make your pricing competitive.

So get out there and turn that unwanted gift into some good ole’ cash.

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