5 epic resumes to score your dream job

Action Figure

Are you trying to land your dream job, but not getting the response you want? Maybe it’s time to change your approach and insert some creativity as well as initiative.

It can be hard to get noticed, get an interview and get your foot in the door – especially with so many people going for the same role. Sometimes you have to go a bit ‘crazy’ to get noticed.

Here are our picks of people using their imagination and creativity to land their ‘dream job’, a role in a particular industry or simply just to land a job – using resume methods that think outside the square.

Create a resume made from beer

Image credit: dribbble.com/shots/1478113-Gleason-s-Resume-Ale-Self-Promotion-Piece

Brennan Gleason, went above and beyond by combining his hobby of homebrewing and his skill as a graphic designer to land himself a role within his area of expertise.

He created 4-pack of ‘Resum-Ale’ and sent it to companies he was interested in working for and it got the attention of potential employees.

The outer box that held Gleason’s ‘ale’ detailed his experience, as well as education and each bottle had an individual label showcasing a piece of his work a QR code to his website. Brennan wasn’t short on job offers.

Create an action figure of yourself

Image credit: behance.net/gallery/8713561/The-Toy-Rsum

Wanting to get back into advertising and set himself apart from the pack, Even Light decided to create an action figure based on himself – he took an existing toy and redesigned it to look like him.

He also took the packaging and turned it into his personal statement – including skill specs, interests in a small side profile and key features of his resume. He used these Even ‘Action Figures’ to get jobs back in the advertising industry.

Make a Lego version of yourself

Image credit: imgur.com/gallery/Z9xiw

Leah Bowman, wanted a fun way to stand out to advertising agencies she was applying to – for an intern role. Being a fan of Lego, Leah design a ‘Leah’ set of Lego included packaging that targeted specific agencies, a poster and a Lego Leah of course.

We’re happy to say that Leah got an intern role.

Create an interactive resume game

Image credit: rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/

Robby Leonardi is a software designer, created an interactive game to showcase his resume.

The game’s character ‘Robby’, battles bad guys and takes you through Robby’s work experience as well as a contact form at the end of the game. Very cool.

Advertise on a billboard of yourself

Image credit: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2256527/Employ-Adam-Pacitti-Unemployed-graduate-24-spends-500-billboard-advert-job.html

Adam Pacitti, took his last £500 to create a billboard ad that featured a photo of himself and a line explaining that he’d spent the last of his money on a billboard in the hopes of getting a job. Bold move there, but it paid off and Adam got a job.

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