5 Front Loader Washing Machine Reviews

5 Front Loader Washing Machine Reviews

With the right machine, you can transform laundry chores into a breeze. Here are 5 front loader washing machine reviews, in no particular order, to help you decide how to get the job done.

Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine WH7560P2

This front loader is known for its reliability. With 13 washing programs and a maximum 1400RPM spin cycle, you have everything you need to ensure your clothes will come out fresh and clean. The WashSmart is also environmentally friendly, using an average of just 64L per wash, and has safety features that include a lockable door, child lock and anti-flood protection, for extra reassurance. For those who need more washing space, it also comes in 8.5 kg and 12 kg models.

Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer

This innovative machine features ActiveWater Plus technology, meaning it adjusts the water level it uses to the number of clothes you put in. This not only helps you save water, but also means you can wash your clothes sooner without building up a huge laundry pile. The Bosch Front Loader features 14 washing programs with a spin speed of up to 1200RPM but works smoothly and subtly with its EcoSilence Drive.

Haier 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine HWF75AW2

Modern, chic and efficient, Haier’s Front Load Washing Machine has a Wave Drum that helps clean your clothes more gently, perfect for your delicate fabrics. Making full use of its 16 programs, you’ll be able to find a setting to suit any load. This machine also has an anti-bacterial treated door seal, helping to reduce mould that can build up around the entrance.

Simpson 7kg Front Load Washer

Simpson’s 7kg Front Load Washer prioritises hygiene. Available on selected programs, the Vapour option naturally cleanses odours, stains and bacteria. There’s also a ‘Pause and Add’ option, for when you forget to add a few items. With an excellent water rating and high spin capacity, this washing machine is reliably functional.

Samsung AddWash Front Loader

This washing machine’s convenience is right in the name, letting you open up the door to add that forgotten sock when you need to. It’s also stackable, so you can pair it with your dryer, tucking it away in a fanned cupboard to optimise space. It also has an excellent energy rating alongside its great water rating, helping to keep your bills manageable. Perfect for couples and small families.

With help from these different options, add your favourite detergent and softener and know that your clothes will be left fresh and comfortable. These machines and more are often available on Gumtree Australia. Don’t forget to look around and find yourself a bargain!

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