5 Landscaping Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

5 Landscaping Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Think landscaping, think big dollars? Updating your backyard or getting more kerbside appeal doesn’t need to cost the earth. Here are five easy landscaping ideas for a professional-looking outdoor area on a budget—from the perfect plants to the most modern and practical features.

1. Keep things interesting with different materials

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your outdoor space more inviting is to layer in different materials to keep it interesting. It’s not just different plants and flowers—section your backyard off into separate ‘zones’ using different hardscape materials like pavers, gravel, flagstones or timber decking.

Don’t let your garden get too mixed up, thoughrepeat colours or opt for complementary colours and textures to tie everything together. Don’t forget to take advantage of the natural shape of your space—build seating into corners to take advantage of otherwise ‘dead space’ or match paths to the curves of your space to keep things cohesive.

2. Frame your space with fences and hedges

Add privacy, shade, protection and features in one with a fence or hedge (or combination of the two) to frame your outdoor space. Fences don’t need to be expensive either, with plenty of low-cost materials like ready-made Colorbond sheeting to make the job cheaper and easier.

If you’re planting a hedge, go for low maintenance classics like an English box or Japanese box hedge. You can also extend hedges around paths or garden beds with something shorter like a dwarf hedge.

3. Build garden beds into your lawn

Whether you’ve got a little patch or a huge expanse of grass, adding raised garden beds is a great way to break up or frame the space. You don’t need to cut directly into your grass either—there are plenty of raised garden beds that can be put into position on top of your lawn before filling and planting.

You can build an easy raised garden bed with railway sleepers, or there are ready-made galvanised steel, wood and even self-watering options.

4. Plant in a variety of shades

An easy way to add some variety to a small garden is to plant in different shades and textures. Evergreen plants add darker, richer tones to your garden and contrast well with brighter greens and different textures found in options such as bamboo. Boldly coloured plants like Acalyphas can also add pop to an otherwise plain garden.

5. Add some Insta-worthy features

Impress your guests by making a few interesting pockets of your garden to explore. Whimsical plants like climbing vines, unique garden lighting or potted plants in an eye-catching design can make your garden really wow and delight. For climbing plants, star jasmine gives a beautiful, romantic feel to your space and is great even in shady areas. Wisteria, with its bright flowers and trademark flowing branches, makes a perfect feature on verandas.

Everyone can have the perfect outdoor area for their lifestyle, even on a budget. If you’re looking to make even bolder changes to your home, you can always find landscape designers who can help on Gumtree.

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