Six fashion brands you never see on sale

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When it comes to high-end fashion, we can often find ourselves with a dent in our purses. Brands like Zimmerman and Galanni brush up beautifully, but when buying brand new, they require some serious investment. When it comes to designer retail therapy, here are some good tips which won’t break the bank.

On Gumtree we’ve learnt that you don’t need to pay premium prices in order to buy much-loved premium designer brands. We’ve found a wide range of brands available online that don’t often come with a discount in store. Now you can dress the way you want and save on designer clothing. Find a dress for your next occasion from the list of designers below:


1. Galanni Dress for Hire – $400 on Gumtree, RRP $990                                                                                                                                                  Image credit: Gumtree User

galanni dress

What about this stunning white Galanni gown?

2. Alice Mccall Dress – $160 on Gumtree, RRP $380                                                                                                                                                  Image credit: Gumtree User

Alice Mccall Dre

There are a million ways to wear a white dress like this.

3. By Johnny Dress – $149 on Gumtree, RRP $360                                                                                                                                                  Image credit: Gumtree User

by johnny

Meanwhile, this white dress has some unique splashes of colour.

4. Shona Joy Dress – $75 on Gumtree, RRP $319                                                                                                                                                  Image credit: Gumtree User

shona joy

With a tropical twist, this Shona Joy dress would be great for summer occasions.

5. Camilla and Marc Jumpsuit – $150 on Gumtree, RRP $599                                                                                                                                    Image credit: Gumtree User

camillaand marc

This ivory-lined jumpsuit is full of elegance.

6. Zimmerman Cocktail Dress – $170 on Gumtree, RRP $450                                                                                                                                        Image credit: Gumtree User


You can never go wrong with a classic black dress.

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