7 Christmas gifts that even Santa didn’t want


Another Christmas has past and that means you are either making use of some fantastic gifts or you are one of the 20.8 million Australian adults that received an unwanted gift.* Either way I hope it was a safe and happy time with your family.

There’s always a gift or two that you have a fair idea are going to be shockers, even before picking them up from under the tree and unwrapping. Gifts like a knitted cardigan, handkerchief or an oven mitt have been a few that I’ve received over the years – but not wanting to hurt the person’s feelings I’ve always smiled and responded with an enthusiastic “thanks”! I know I’m not alone as the latest Gumtree survey reveals that as many as 70% of Australian adults received at least one unwanted gift last Christmas.

Before places like Gumtree came on the scene, I was like the 62%* of us that just put these unwanted gifts in cupboard and let them collect dust – now when I receive a gift I don’t want, I just jump online and put it up for sale. It easy, someone else is finding joy in it and I make some money.

Gifts Aussies wished they received this Christmas

Sometimes there are unwanted gifts that make us laugh and we keep as a memento or for keeps sake and I’ve received a few of these over the years – mainly inside jokes with the family. If you’re looking to sell your unwanted Christmas gifts or want to pick up a quirky gift for a post-Christmas gift, head to Gumtree as you can find just about anything you need – here are a 7 Gifts Santa didn’t want, but you may:

Russell Hobbs R-VAC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – $300

Image credit: Gumtree owner


Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater – $480

Image credit: Gumtree owner



Candles – $5 each

Image credit: Gumtree owner


Vintage Swiss Cow bell – $25

Image credit: Gumtree owner


Snorkel Gear – $60

Image credit: Gumtree owner


Large Wine Barrels with McLaren Vale Logos – $179

Image credit: Gumtree owner


Cyclone Spinner Pool Toy – $90

Image credit: Gumtree owner


*Gumtree survey 2016

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