A Guide to Choosing Your Charcoal BBQ

A Guide To Choosing Your Charcoal BBQ

If you adore smoked chicken tenderloins, succulent pork ribs, charred corn on the cob or marinated grilled veggies, do it at home and impress your taste buds and your friends at an outdoor feast fit for a Viking or a vegan.

There’s a range of options available, from portable grills to kettles and smokers. Before you buy, here are our top tips to help you select the best charcoal BBQ for your appetite.

Kettle, ceramic or barrel: What style is best?

You’ve probably spotted the iconic shape of a kettle charcoal BBQ on an Aussie patio near you, maybe from the popular Weber range (although the brand also uses different fuel sources in other models, like electricity and gas). The kettle BBQ is a reliable and simple choice for the BBQ first-timer. There’s also the barrel grill, like the Char-Griller Deluxe, appealing to the grilling aficionado and ideal for a shindig at your place and lots of mouths to feed. If you’re eager to splash out for fancier features, check out the multi-function ceramic grills, such as the Kamado Joe BBQ, that can smoke and bake all in one.

How much does a charcoal BBQ cost?

The price varies based on the model, condition and features. A top-quality charcoal BBQ is quite affordable and usually gentler on your bank account than a large all-purpose BBQ. Price tags are reduced if you buy second-hand, too. For example, an out-of-the-box Weber compact kettle retails for around $219, and you’ll pay up to about $2399 for the top-of-the-range. Find second-hand or earlier models in good shape and often considerably cheaper on Gumtree—sometimes for under $50.

What size BBQ should I buy?

Charcoal BBQs come in a range of sizes. A compact portable grill like the Weber Smokey Joe is simple to pack in the boot and set up at your campsite to feed the family. For authentic charcoal grilling on the go, the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal CUBE is cleverly designed to seamlessly store, prep, cook and clean while you’re dining on location. If you’re buying for your balcony and after something that’s polite to the neighbours, consider the 12-inch Lotus Grill portable charcoal BBQ—it uses fan-assisted heating for (almost) smoke-free sizzling.

Catering to a larger group? You’re sure to impress and have ample leftovers if you opt for a charcoal spit roaster, like the Jumbuck ‘Rondo’ Charcoal Spit Roaster featuring a mesmerising (and mouth-watering) rotisserie.

Accessories for hassle-free cooking and cleaning

A true BBQ master has their trusted tools on hand before heating the grill. Must-have BBQ accessories include a sturdy metal spatula and a cleaning brush. Our tip for quick and pain-free cleaning? Grab a stiff-bristled scrubbing BBQ brush to clear the ash after each cook, and a regular kitchen brush to protect the surface of the grill from scratches.

Time to find a glorious grill to upgrade your outside dining? Explore the range of charcoal BBQs for sale on Gumtree.

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