Add Ambience to Your Balcony or Patio with Outdoor Lights

Add Ambience To Your Balcony Or Patio With Outdoor Lights

If you are living in a unit or apartment, you may miss having a large backyard. You can, however, illuminate the space that you do have outdoors with outdoor lights. Decorative lighting, outdoor string lights and fairy lights are just some of the options that are open to you. This guide gives you the low-down.

Outdoor lighting options when living in an apartment

Outdoor lighting may not be the first thing you think of for apartment living, but if you have any outdoor area at all, lighting can make it beautiful and give it charm. This is the case whether you have a small backyard with a pergola or patio, or a high rise apartment with a balcony. Your small outdoor space can become a cosy and comfortable living area, perfect for use when entertaining friends. Time spent on the balcony just after sunset can be the most relaxing part of the day so it can pay dividends to invest in some lighting. It doesn’t cost the earth either.

If you only have a small outdoor space in your home, using decorative outdoor lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining friends, enjoying a drink in the evenings, or perhaps even a little romance. A bit of extra lighting can give the security-conscious added peace of mind, as well.

Decorative lighting

  • Outdoor fairy lights These lights are nearly the same as the ones used on Christmas trees and can be purchased in different sizes and colours. One of the simplest and most effective lighting decorations, they can be put up just about anywhere.
  • Outdoor string lights Lights that are hung from a cable and are widely spaced. Ideal for parties and celebrations, they can be made more festive by adding lanterns or other decorations. They are bulkier than fairy lights, are an older style and usually have fewer bulbs.
  • Outdoor pendant lighting Pendant lights consist of one or more suspended feature lights. They are normally arranged in a row and are much larger than string and fairy lights. Outdoor pendant lighting creates a unique, beautiful and charming effect when entertaining groups of friends. The warm vibe means that no one is in the dark or lit up like a stage.

LED & outdoor ceiling lights

LED lighting and outdoor lights can be placed on the ceiling or wall outside to increase your safety after dark and make finding your way much easier. Both eye-catching and practical, LEDs are highly versatile and give you all the lighting you need for safety and effect. Some of the popular options for LED lighting are trip lights, bulbs and tubes. These lights can come in a number of different fun colours.

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