Important Tip Everyone Should Know Before Adopting a Cat


The warmer months are upon us and humans aren’t the only ones coming out of winter hibernation; our furry friends are also enjoying the weather. Here at Gumtree we wanted to help all our community members with pets of the feline-persuasion prevent unplanned breeding.
The number one way of ensuring you don’t end up with an unexpected litter of kittens to care for is to have your cat desexed. The RSPCA recommends early age desexing, from the age of eight weeks when the surgery is simple and recovery is rapid. This is an effective way of reducing accidental pregnancy in young animals and ensuring compliance with local council desexing requirements.
According to the RSPCA desexed cats are:
– Usually more affectionate
– Less inclined to roam, therefore less likely to become lost or hit by a car
– Generally less aggressive towards other cats
– And likely to live longer, among other benefits.

If you choose not to desex your cat you can still prevent unplanned pregnancy by ensuring your cat is contained in an enclosed area, at a minimum from dusk until dawn. Containment of cats during this period can also help to protect cats from disease and injuries that occur through fighting and accidents, and increase the opportunity for owners and cats to interact.
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