How we started a backyard brewery from items bought on Gumtree

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The Gumtree community has a lot of great stories to tell and one such story is that of Dave and Matt. To celebrate Sydney Beer Week, we caught up with these two Sydney mates who created a backyard brewery from items they bought on Gumtree.

Matt and Dave have always had the taste for unique beer and have been brewing their own for around 4 years. When Dave moved to Darwin for work, he found it was easier and much cooler to brew his own beer – as it was too hot to go to the pub. Matt was also interested in creating his own beers and did so whilst at university.

Their business ‘Hop & Clover Brewing’ came together over a few beers, upon Dave’s return to Sydney. With the full support of their wives, the two mates decided to combine their love of beer and Gumtree to start a brewery in Dave’s backyard.

Starting a brewery, even a backyard one, can be a costly exercise. With this in mind, the pair searched Gumtree and found the items they needed at the right price.

Here is what they guys got from Gumtree to create Hop & Clover Brewing:

Insulated shed with a fan

Price on Gumtree: $500 (RRP $6,000)

Matt and Dave enjoying a glass of their Bexley Red Ale outside their shed.

After searching Gumtree, they came across the perfect environment for fermentation. The guy who sold them the shed was going to knock it down until the fellas came in and made him an offer.

Complete microbrewery

Price on Gumtree: $3,000 (RRP $8,000)

The guy they bought it off on Gumtree also threw in empty kegs and a 150 litre fermenter. The mates also bought their kegerator (fridge for kegs) from Gumtree.

Once it was set up, they started brewing a pale ale and they did tastings with their neighbour who loved it. Then they would make bigger batches for friend’s weddings which went down a treat.

Now, they’re trying to scale. Their mission this year is to sell 1 keg!

The Hop & Clover Brewing logo and branding looks amazing.


The brewers’ wives are also hands on. David’s wife, Shiree, creates the infusions for the beer, using native herbs and botanicals.

All the best guys.

Check out the video ‘Backyard Brewery’ by clicking on the image below.

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