Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Every Style of Home

Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Every Style Of Home

There are so many options when it comes to furnishing bedrooms that it can be hard to know where to start. Besides the bed itself, you may want to combine matching drawers, bedside tables, a wardrobe and possibly a desk. On Gumtree you can buy sets of furniture that will breathe new life into any bedroom.

Styles to choose from

Your bedroom style reflects your personality. It should be a space where you enjoy beginning and ending your day. Styles include contemporary, modern, traditional, coastal and romantic. Ideally, your bedroom design should make you feel positive, inspired and peaceful.


Contemporary designs have clean lines and are simple, yet soft and natural. Light is one of the key elements, so if you have large windows this style can be fantastic. White bedroom furniture and neutral homewares in colours like browns, creams, beiges and tans are great choices.

Industrial Bedroom Style

Industrial bedroom furniture gives your space an urban vibe and works well with dark wood bedroom furniture or black bedroom furniture. These can be matched with accent chairs, lampshades, wooden floorboards, metal-framed windows and prints. A modern occasional chair in leather lends a classy feel.


A coastal design brightens up any room with a seaside, holiday vibe. White bedroom furniture and decor in nautical colours like blue and white matched with sandy or sunshine yellow are perfect for this type of bedroom.

Romantic Bedrooms

When it comes to romantic bedroom furniture everything from gorgeous wood bedroom furniture and French bedroom furniture to shabby chic to antique furniture can look dreamy. The accessories really matter—try adding some gorgeous white baroque mirror sets, romantic prints, scented candles and sweet curtains for a room that speaks love in volumes.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Decorating children’s bedrooms is a lot of fun. This is a place where your child will play and grow, so when choosing furniture look for a mix of playfulness and practicality. Less tends to be more; by using a minimalist approach you leave more room for play, and the bedroom can easily be updated as your child grows. Bunk beds, toy chests, bookcases, vanity tables and dressing tables are all available on Gumtree, and you can add the latest accessories from the likes of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel to name a few. Consider your child’s size and age and the rate at which they are growing when buying a bed.

When it comes to stylish bedroom furniture ideas, there are lots of fantastic options available for the entire family, whatever your taste. Matching bedroom suites in a variety of styles and timbers are here. There is something here to suit the whole family. Search for great new bedroom furniture on Gumtree today!

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