Bedroom Ideas for a Better Night’s Sleep

Bedroom Ideas For A Better Night’s Sleep

Not sleeping as well as you used to? Turn your most-used room into a relaxing retreat with our top bedroom ideas and trends. From simple hacks like a new doona cover for an updated look to more daring rejuvenation adventures like lighting and window coverings, these are our favourite ways to make your bedroom more relaxing on any budget.

Tidy up and declutter

Beyond the basic hygiene benefits, with a clean, fresh space there’s less clutter and more time for quality relaxation. Try to ensure all linen, pillows and bedside tables are clean and tidy so you can relax when it’s time for bed. Declutter your space and move anything you don’t need for a relaxing rest into another room or out of your house entirely—you can even list your household items on Gumtree.

Ideally, use your bedroom dedicated sleeping space, and not as a home office or general-purpose living area. Do these activities in another part of your home, if you can. If not, don’t stress. You can easily add a room divider or screen to separate these parts of your life while you’re winding down each day.

Freshen up your space

If you’re on a budget, replace your doona covers, pillows and other soft furnishings regularly to keep them looking fresh and on-trend. Adding bedside tables lamps or a statement chair can also make your bedroom more comfortable and modern without breaking the bank. An easy bedroom trend for extra freshness? Add an air-purifying plant like a peace lily for an elegant splash of green. If you have a pet, consider a non-toxic option like an orchid.

If you’re thinking bigger, investing in updated bedroom furniture can improve the quality of your sleep. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, investing in new bedroom lighting or adding floor coverings can also make a world of difference to the ambience of your room.

Block out light and noise

Excess light and noise are sleep-killers. Make sure your sleep is uninterrupted by adding block-out blinds or curtains, especially if you’re sleeping in daylight. Avoid sleeping through excessive outside noise by keeping any windows closed. If heat or ventilation is an issue, invest in a quality pedestal fan, portable air conditioner or air purifier.

Got a lot of electrical devices in your room? Try to remove anything that has lights (like an LED indicator) or makes noise when not in use. Also, try not to keep your phone under your pillow. It’ll help you to appreciate your bedroom’s primary purpose—a full night’s sleep.

Surround yourself with calming influences

Adding a few items that make you feel calm can help you get to a deeper sleep faster. Use scented candles or diffusers to spread your favourite scent throughout your room. Sometimes ambient noise is actually a benefit while you sleep. Voice-activated smart speakers (like a Google Home or Alexa) can also play relaxing nature sounds with a few simple commands.

Carefully select photos and artwork that promote rest and reflection in your space for a calming wind-down. They’ll also help you wake up on the right side of the bed!

Even small changes to your bedroom decor can help you sleep better. If you’re looking to make even bolder changes to your home, you can always find interior designers who can help on Gumtree.

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