Benchtop Masterchef: Cooking Delicious Food in a Microwave Oven or Benchtop Appliance

Cooking Delicious Food In A Microwave Oven Or Benchtop Appliance

Every cooking show on TV has competitors battling it out in pristine kitchens decked out for would-be professionals. Think you can’t compete with the best in your small or ill-equipped space? Think again, with our guide to the best benchtop appliances for gourmet cooking at home. From microwave ovens to toasters and air fryers, you can compete with the best with these top tips.

Quick & tasty creations from a humble microwave oven

Many people think the humble microwave oven is just for reheating food. They obviously haven’t checked out the swelling YouTube communities of microwave fans cooking everything from soufflés and succulent vegetables to chocolate cakes in cups. You can find great bargains from brands like Anko or if you’re looking for more features, easier cleaning and less noise, try leading brands like LG and Samsung.

Versatile combination ovens for your benchtop

Becoming a Masterchef doesn’t need to mean cluttering your kitchen with appliances. Small appliances like a benchtop convection oven can produce higher quality dishes than a traditional freestanding oven without the space requirements. How does a convection oven work? A convection oven has a smart fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air around the oven to maintain a consistent temperature for different cooking types like roasting and baking. You can save even more space with a convection microwave oven which combines the features of a convection oven and a microwave oven in one.

Specialist appliances for restaurant-quality creations at home

There are specialist appliances for lots of different food types, from pie makers to toaster ovens and waffle presses. If you’re making a lot of your favourite food, it makes sense to invest in an appliance that makes cooking easier and the results tastier. Our choice for a food that is way better when cooked in specialist benchtop appliances? A pizza oven delivers crispy, fluffy bases and perfectly melted toppings for your next movie night or dinner party.

Give your health a boost with these calorie-busting appliances

Looking to cook gourmet food without piling on the extra kilos? Invest in a high-quality air fryer to continue enjoying your ‘fried’ favourites without the guilt. How does an air fryer oven work? The top section of an air fryer houses heating elements and a fan. You place your food in the same style of basket used in a traditional deep fryer and when you turn it on, hot air rushes around the food, making it crisp without the oil. You can cook everything from frozen fries to whole chickens in air fryers, which come in different sizes and with different settings for roasting and baking.

Looking for more healthy appliance options? You can’t go past the classic George Foreman range of benchtop wonders with everything from grills to steamers.

You can create professional-level food at home in your kitchen with the right appliances. And when you’re ready to level up to bigger kitchen updates? We’ve got everything you need, from new kitchen kits to kitchen accessories, on Gumtree Australia.

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