Best camper trailers in Australia for 2020 and 2021

Best Camper Trailers In Australia For 2020 And 2021

Many Aussies love the great outdoors. They’re constantly upgrading equipment to go farther and faster and bring creature comforts along for the ride. To bundle all of this on the tow bar behind you, let’s look at the very best in camper trailers.

The best entry-level camper trailers in 2020 and 2021


Walkabout camper trailers combine sturdy construction and colourful Dyna Proof wax canvas to deliver durable units that fold out to create plenty of space. Get great quality and rugged durability on a budget.


Compact in towing mode and spacious when it’s ready for guests, Trackabout camper trailers come with a wide array of innovations including a walkway (so no ladder is needed to get into bed) and a superbly appointed kitchen area.


The Marlin compact trailers unfold to reveal features that rival more expensive competitors. There’s even enough space under the canvas to make a privacy curtain, which is great if you have guests onboard.

Cub Brumby

Lightweight and built tough, the Cub Brumby range brims with Aussie ingenuity. Compact and easy to tow, their no-hassle set up has a spacious fold-out hard floor and a winch fold-away system that makes pack-up easier.

2020 and 2021’s best family camper trailers


Jayco boasts a reputation for reliability and quality. Their camper trailers can sleep up to six people in comfort on two fold-out wings under a high wind-up roof. With sturdy, well-equipped kitchen and dining areas, Jaycos are built to last.

Cub Longreach

Folding out to create a roomy 25.4 square metres under canvas, the lightweight Cub Longreach delivers space for the whole family. Just don’t let the kids claim the queen-sized bed for themselves!

The best off-road camper trailers in 2020 and 2021


With rugged alloy wheels, independent suspension and electric brakes for off-road capability, the Escape is an ideal addition to a family outback adventure. It unfolds to deliver plenty of space with three big windows and ample headroom.


When it comes to getting set up, you want the process to go fast so you can put your feet up. The fold-forward Frontier has the fastest setup time of any camper trailer of just 15 minutes, which includes putting the outside awning in place.


It might look like a military-grade box-trailer, but down by the billabong the Patriot folds out to deliver different bed configurations and plenty of storage. This camper trailer can take the toughest tracks in its stride.

Tvan Canning

Track Tvan Canning units look good on the road and perform well in the dirt. Magnetic location points make the tent and 180-degree awning easy to set up and the telescopic slide-out kitchen is a beauty.

Because the Aussie camper trailer market is so diverse, there’s even more to consider before you head out of town and under the stars. For example, both the AOR range and the MDC and AUSRV models are also well worth a look on Gumtree Australia.

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