Best caravans in 2020 and 2021

Best Caravans In 2020 And 2021

For many, a caravan is part of living the great Aussie dream. But first, do you want to go off-road? Do you want all the little luxuries along for the ride? How many passengers will you have onboard? What’s the towing capacity of your car? From family-movers to robust off-roaders, we’ve got a fleet of the best caravans to consider.

The best caravans for the family in 2020 and 2021

Golf Savannah

The Golf Savannah Maxxi is the ideal second home with “expanda” beds, drop-down bunks, slide-out lounges and a telescopic dining area. It’s capable of hitting the dirt with twin-axle airbag suspension, while solar panels keep the lights on when you’re under the stars.


For families who don’t want to leave too many domestic luxuries behind, the Nova range delivers your home away from home. Roomy internal layouts with superb interiors meet canny storage spaces. With great balance for easy towing, a Nova is the mainstay of any family adventure.


It used to be the biggest name in the game and now Viscount is back with family-oriented models like the popular V2 and V3s ranges. The V2 includes a good-sized bathroom and washing machine, plus a well-appointed kitchen with a big fridge freezer.

The best off-road caravans in 2020 and 2021


Caravans designed to tackle the tracks others may fear to follow. The Trakmaster Airbag Suspension System delivers a smooth off-road ride, and when you stop for the night it can also be used to help level the caravan on uneven or sloping terrain.


Having a pop-top in the range is only one of the advantages this market leader has to offer and Jayco’s All Terrain model is a particularly practical way to begin roaming the great outdoors. There’s a Jayco that’s right for anyone who loves hitting the road.


The range of Coromal caravans has expanded and the Appeal models are both great examples of Aussie artistry. They feature lightweight full composite construction and the interiors are well laid-out, with plenty of storage and amenities.

The best entry-level caravans in 2020 and 2021


If you’re new to caravanning the quirky Avan A-Liner is a great place to start. It may look like a pyramid on wheels, but it expands to deliver plenty of room and amenities for four passengers under a gabled roof. It’s also light and easy to tow.


Weight is a weighty issue when you’re exploring rough and unfamiliar roads and tracks. That’s where the Rhinomax Lost Tracker stands out. It’s made from lightweight composite fibreglass and features a raked front to reduce towing drag.

There’s so much to see, experience and be awed by when you’re exploring Australia. Wherever you go, from the red outback to tropical coastlines, Gumtree Australia will help you explore our sunburnt country with the caravan that’s right for you.

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