Getting The Right Retirement Ride – The Best Cars For Seniors

Cars For Seniors

You’ve worked hard, and retirement is the time to spend some of those hard-earned dollars on you. Find the right ride for the next stage of your journey with Gumtree Cars’ guide to the best retirement cars. We will cover what matters when it comes to cars for seniors – safety, reliability, comfort, convenience and value for money.

The right ride for your money

Your ideal retirement ride should match your retirement budget and lifestyle, without any unexpected costs. Opt for a dealer new car, a  dealer demonstrator, or a quality late-model used car, with extended warranty and capped price servicing to keep your ongoing costs predictable. Look for an insurance policy designed specifically for seniors, so you don’t end up paying higher premiums.

As well as initial purchase value, do some research around the depreciation and resale value for your car, especially if you want to invest in a car that will hold its value.

Staying safe on the road

A key requirement of cars for seniors is top safety features. The best retirement cars will offer safety features that make driving easier and protect you on the road.

Safety features to assist the driver include heads-up displays for easy reading, automatic headlamps, high beams and premium front-and-back windscreen wipers for improved visibility in all driving conditions. Big side mirrors and reversing cameras are a must – or, even better, look for the complete 360-degree cameras common in newer models. These models also often feature automatic parking, so that the driver doesn’t need to twist around in their seat as much.

Any car you consider should have a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and, ideally, built-in safety features such as emergency braking, lane assist technology and blind-spot monitoring, helping keep your reactions sharp.

Let the fun begin

Retirement is time to focus on features that deliver comfort for your new adventure – whether you want a car to just get around locally or are planning road trips. Retirement cars should have all the kit you need for a fun, reliable ride in the years to come.

Remember to look towards the future when you’re looking for a car to drive into your senior years. A higher ride that’s more comfortable on the road, with doors that are easy to get in and out of, may be a better choice than lower, sportier models. Things like electric adjustable seats that can accommodate your changing needs, heated seats and steering wheels (perfect for long drives), and simple interiors without fiddly buttons are the perfect finishing touches to your ride.

Getting the right retirement car will set you up to really enjoy the next stage of your driving journey. If you’re ready to start browsing, check out some of the great new car finance options available through dealers on Gumtree Cars.

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