Best Outdoor Heaters for Every Lifestyle

Best Outdoor Heaters For Every Lifestyle

Your home doesn’t end at your back door. In fact, whether it’s a rolling lawn, a paved patio or a high-rise balcony, your outdoor space is an important part of your lifestyle, all year round. When it comes to choosing an outdoor heater, consider the size of the area you want to keep cosy, and whether you’ll be using gas, wood or electricity.

We’ve put together a guide to different types of outdoor heaters so you can find the best one to suit your lifestyle.

Infrared heaters

Delivering direct radiant heat with almost no wastage of energy, an infrared outdoor electric heater warms everything directly in its path, rather than just increasing the ambient temperature in an attempt to heat up the entire space. This is particularly effective in windy conditions so you get the warmth without wasting it on the cold air around you. Ventair and Bromic offer a great variety of infrared heaters.

Strip heaters

If you’ve got a relatively confined space like a covered apartment balcony or a partially enclosed veranda, strip heaters, such as those from Devanti and Heatstrip, can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. They are an easy and effective way to take the chill out of the air. You can either mount plug-in models if you have power points in place or have an electrician hardwire one into your home.

Gas heaters

The tall gas lamp with the gas cylinder housed in the base is a common sight at restaurants, cafes and beer gardens—and for good reason. They’re an economical, portable heater and they radiate high levels of heat. For a more spectacular effect, fire fountain styles feature a long lick of flame enclosed in a cylindrical metal grid. Fiammetta and Gasmate offer a wide choice of outdoor gas heaters and patio heaters.

Wood fire pits & braziers

There’s nothing more mesmerising than an open fire so if you’ve got the open space, this type of heat generation is both beautiful and effective. Popular designs from Glow offer everything from relatively small braziers to massive metal fire pits. Plus, a lot of these can be used for your outdoor cooking, such as the versatile Ozpig.

Pizza ovens

Stay with us on this one: making a great wood-fired pizza takes serious levels of heat. The conductive heat from the oven’s brick base, radiant heat from the dome and then convection heat that spills out when you open the door all combine to make more than just great pizzas. Once you’ve finished cooking up a storm, leave the door open and watch the sparks dance around the fiery embers. Matador and Jumbuck offer some of the most popular pizza ovens.

Dinner under the stars or simply kicking back and relaxing with family and friends—these are the simple pleasures to be enjoyed in your home’s open spaces. If you need to your indoor areas as well, browse the extensive range of oil heaters on Gumtree.

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