What is the best sports car for a family man?

Family Man

There are a lot of sports cars for the family man, it all depends on how practical you are and how many kids you have to take to sports practice as well as the drop off and school pickups. We couldn’t settle on ‘the best’ sports car, but here are a few cars that tick both the sports and family outings.

Audi TTS

Check out an Audi TTS by clicking here, or on the header above or image below.

Has a hardtop model with a rear bench seat that could sit two adults (very snugly). It’s a slick looking sports car with 310hp output, deft controls and four wheel drive.

Porsche 911

Check out a Porsche 911 by clicking here, or on the header above or image below.

The Porsche 911 is pure class, no matter the year you choose and its rear engine means four passengers can tightly fit into this amazing sports car. Although not a practical family car, you’ll definitely be the envy of friends and neighbours. The 911 handles extremely well and flat six engine makes it both fast and furious. The interior always matches the awesome shape and body of the car.

Mercedes Benz AMG C63 Coupe

Check out an AMG C63 by clicking here or on the header above or image below.

This Benz is the best described as a sports car hidden by style – with a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8, this beautiful machine is the closest to being a winner for ‘The best sports car for the family man’.

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