Big Home Theatre: The Best Systems for Ultimate Entertainment

Big Home Theatre: The Best Systems For Ultimate Entertainment

Big home theatre systems are the perfect way to take your home viewing experience to the next level or upgrade an existing home theatre room. If you want an immersive surround sound experience, then you’ll need a big home theatre. With so many models on the market, it’s hard to know which is the best quality and value. That’s where we come in. Below are our top-rated big home theatre systems to add to your home (in no particular order).

Yamaha 5.1 Ch home theatre system

The Yamaha home theatre system comes with a five-piece package including an AV receiver, speakers and subwoofer. Although these speakers are smaller in size than average, the Yamaha can still create a surround sound environment. This big home theatre model is great for someone who wants a basic setup that won’t blow their budget.

Sony DAV-DZ720 home theatre system

The Sony DAV-DZ720 home theatre system is a great option for those who want to buy from a trusted brand. It boasts great performance and comes with features such as an HDMI output and automatic calibration. This model is great for those who want an immersive theatre experience at home at a reasonable price.

PanasonicSC-BTT885 home theatre system

The Panasonic home theatre system is one with many sought-after features like a 36-channel cinema surround function, Blu-ray reduced radiation (for eye comfort) and great sound quality. While it’s a premium option and has the price tag to show for it, it could be worthwhile if you’re seeking a complete top-grade home theatre experience.

Samsung SWA-9000S home theatre system

The Samsung home theatre model is more basic in comparison to most speakers, but it’s great for a smaller room or those seeking quality sound but not necessarily surround sound. It comes with a soundbar, theatre system and speaker kit. This is a cheaper option than big home theatre systems and better suited to those who are just starting to build their home theatre or who need to downgrade to save space.

LG LHD647 Bluetooth home theatre system

By far the most advanced and feature-packed model, the LG home theatre system has Bluetooth, DVD and Blu-ray capabilities that are perfect for diverse viewers. If you think all these features may come at the cost of sound quality, don’t worry, this model has excellent bass and sound output of 1000 W. This big home theatre system is definitely more costly than other models, but for what you get the value is undebatable.

JVC Home THBA3 280W home theatre system

This big home theatre model is a bit different from the rest. Unlike most, which come with a soundbar, it comes with a rear bar instead. Rear bars can really transform the way you watch movies, creating a more interactive experience for the viewer. Although it doesn’t come with as many tech features as others in the market, the JVC home theatre system is great for those who have a medium-sized room yet want to create a big home theatre movie experience.

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