Big Plant Pots That Won’t Break The Bank

Big Plant Pots That Won’t Break The Bank

Big plant pots can make a big statement, adding street appeal at the front of your home and lots of layers to all of your gardens. Large pots can be expensive, but there are affordable alternatives. Read on to find some budget ideas for making a big impression with potted plants.

Choose pots in durable materials that last

Clay and concrete are durable pot materials that can be inexpensive when you consider how long they last. Old concrete pots and urns can be painted any colour to give them a face-lift. If painted plant pots are out in the weather they may eventually need repainting, but they’ll last longer if you use durable outdoor paint—or if you like the bohemian cracked-painted look, the pots will only get better with time.

Big plastic plant pots are a budget alternative that can look just as good as other materials. Some plastics can be long-lasting, however, some will deteriorate over time if left in full sunlight and might be better suited to the shadier sides of your home or indoors. The lightweight nature of plastic means that bigger pots are more easily able to be moved. If you don’t like the look of plastic pots, try looking for different styles of cheap plastic bins and drill your own drainage holes or paint them different colours. Fibreglass pots are also lightweight and are more weather resistant than plastic.

Budget tips and alternatives

Front door potted plants are popular as a pair of matching tall plant pots framing your entrance. Find a deal on Gumtree by buying a pair of tall potted plants together or searching for a package deal of pots in a range of sizes. You can use tiered shelving to layer medium-sized pots, and vertical walls of small pots creating solid greenery are also a trend. If you’re feeling creative, why not upcycle? Old tractor or car tyres can sometimes be found for as little as ten bucks, and stacked or hung and painted to make bold DIY planters.

For an outdoor area, consider joining two hanging baskets to create spheres and fill them with flowering or trailing plants to make a visual impact. If you want to plant near a driveway or pool, investing in big plant pots rather than planting directly in the ground could save you money long term, because large roots can cause damage in these areas.

Look after the plants

Large plants, sometimes called advanced plants, can be costly. You might be surprised how quickly your smaller plants will grow if you re-pot them into something larger. Big pots can handle multi-layered plantings with central feature plants surrounded by low filler or cascading plants. Larger plants also look great at the back of the pot if it’s up against a wall.

If you want to fit lots of potted plants into your space, consider using square or rectangular plant pots—they are more efficient than round pots because they provide more soil for the same space.

Once you’ve identified the kinds of pots you want, browse the large selection at Gumtree to find what you need at reasonable prices. Then you can start exploring the lush variety of plants on offer to fill those pots!

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