Easy way to cure a spending hangover


A growing number of Australians are taking advantage of the discounts to be had in November’s Black Friday sales, leading to maxed-out credit card limits and occasionally some buyers remorse.

While there’s no going back, there are some things you can do to help make yourself and your finances feel better.

Out with the old

According to Gumtree research, nine in ten Australians have items around the home that they neither want nor need, which could fetch up to $5,000 – more than enough to purchase products on sale for you and your loved ones.

Have a look around your home and see what you can get rid of to make some quick cash – popular items include clothes, shoes and accessories. Books and electronics are also products that lots of people are keen to purchase second hand.

Clearing your space can not only give you some extra cash to replace what you’ve spent, but will get you starting the new year feeling fresh and organised.

One-in, one-out

Australians are growing more mindful about the impact our purchases have on the environment.

Sentiment is turning against ‘fast fashion’ and replacing electronics the moment a new iteration is released is no longer a must-do. Not to mention the carbon footprint and packaging that accompanies new purchases.

One way some savvy shoppers are combatting this waste is to use the ‘one-in, one-out’ model: for every purchase, you list a household item on Gumtree. This way, you’re creating space in your home for the new purchase, avoiding clutter, and offsetting the cost of the item in the process.

Treat yourself, and someone else!

There’s no reason you can’t make the most of Black Friday sales (and other sales) to buy what you really want. Yet a majority of Australians suffer ‘buyers remorse’, showing that sometimes what we want doesn’t actually fulfill its purpose.

Instead of hanging onto items we don’t want simply because we’ve spent money on them, a better solution would be to list it on Gumtree and recover some of that expense.

This has the double benefit of making you feel less guilty, and also perhaps letting someone else make the most of your misguided purchases.

Ready to revolutionise your spending?

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