Saving hack when buying new tech


The cost of living in Australia is rising, and it can be expensive to keep up. Technology especially, is ever-evolving, and getting the latest devices can be terrible for our bank balances.

More and more Australians are using the upcoming Black Friday sales as a great opportunity to get quality tech for a fraction of the cost.

Sell to spend

Many people baulk at throwing away out-of-date tech items like phones or televisions, and research by Gumtree into the second hand economy reveals that the average number of items people hold onto but don’t use or want is 23, but 1 in 5 have 40 or more items lying idle.

Listing gently used or unwanted items on Gumtree can help out other people in the same boat, who might not need the very latest technology or are happy with last year’s version.

Not to mention listing your used tech gives you some cash to spend in the aforementioned Black Friday sales. This weekend’s spring clean can be next weekend’s shopping spree!

More than money

By listing your used tech instead of throwing it in the bin, you’re also helping reduce landfill – every little bit counts.

70 percent of landfill’s toxic waste is produced by smartphones, so by not sending your out of date tech to landfill, you’re doing your bit to reduce.

Up for grabs

Electronic goods are in the top five categories of unwanted goods, along with clothing, books and toys and games. According to Gumtree research, these unwanted items have an average value of $5,143 – enough to have some change left over from buying a new laptop in the Black Friday sales!

Feeling like we’re up to date with the latest gadgets doesn’t have to break the bank. Buying with discounts and offsetting the purchases with some cash for our unwanted items can make keeping up manageable.

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