Blending on the Go: The Best Portable Blenders

Blending On The Go: The Best Portable Blenders

Blenders are not only the choice appliance for smoothies, but can swiftly create soups, sauces and juices. Even more versatile are the portable versions that allow you to physically whip up food and drinks on the go. Read on to discover our seven handpicked portable blenders for all your smoothie needs—and all available on Gumtree Australia.

USB/battery operated portable blenders

USB-powered blenders are suited for those who want a smoothie blender on the go without having to worry about where the nearest power point is. Some have an integrated to-go cup, so you can save time washing up.

Browse USB portable blenders, or continue reading for our three favourites.

1. SOGA USB Rechargeable Juicer

With a 380 ml cup, the SOGA mini portable blender and juicer is perfect who those who want juice, smoothies, baby food or milkshakes on the go. It can be plugged into laptops, power banks or any other USB outlet, making it perfect for travel.

2. Boose Pro Portable Blender

The Boose Pro is perfect for those looking for a budget buy that doesn’t lack power. While it may not be the strongest portable blender, it can still crush ice. It’s great for someone who wants a compact blender that will do the basics.

3. Morphy Richards Personal Blender

The perfect on-the-go model, the Morphy Richards handheld blender resembles a coffee cup. It has a silicone sleeve, a carry strap and a concealed blade. It may lack power compared to its counterparts, but will save plenty of time for those morning rushes and is the perfect blender bottle.

Portable personal blenders

Personal blenders are smaller than standard kitchen blenders—well suited for single servings and taking up less cupboard and bench space. You can also pack them away for your next trip without scrimping on the power at your campsite.

Browse personal blenders, or continue reading for our four favourite models.

4. Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is a great choice for those who want a big blender’s power packed into a portable size. You’ll be able to chop, grind, mix and whip wherever you have a powerpoint. It also comes with an 11-piece accessory set with various cup sizes, attachments and lids.

5. Optimum Nutri Force Extractor

The best blender for smoothies, the Optimum Nurti Force blender is durable and versatile enough to be packed up and moved. In the box, you’ll also find easy-to-install replacement parts for a few years down the track.

6. Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto-IQ

The Nutri Ninja blender uses Auto-IQ 1000 watt blades for maximum nutrient extraction, chopping through nuts, seeds, ice and frozen fruit. It does all this without overheating, great for your next holiday house or cabin kitchen. Use it for more than your morning smoothie, you can easily make protein balls, whip cream and grind coffee.

7. Cuisinart Portable Blender

The Cuisinart is compact enough to be brought along on your weekend away or into the office. It’s an excellent option for a powerful blender that makes two full servings at once—your go-to for smoothies for the whole family or to mix up cocktails come the weekend.

To find the best model for you, browse the selection of portable blenders on Gumtree Australia.

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