Boost Your Productivity with these Home Office Hacks

Boost Your Productivity With These Home Office Hacks

Working from home. What was once an anomaly is now common practice. It’s also the space to make as individual as you are, so here are some home office ideas that could be the inspiration for your success.

Choose your space

To begin with, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. If you’ve got room out the back, a studio office using a granny flat type structure is the optimum option.

If you have a spare room that can make the transition, that’s great. Treat it as a blank canvas to create an office that’s light, vibrant and full of individual quirks that inspire you. For example, cover one wall in chalkboard paint and use colourful chalks to write up your business plans, your ambitions and even your weekly To-Do list.

Bring in your style

Choose furniture that reflects your style—but keep in mind this is your place of work, not your haven of relaxation, so give this decor a difference.

Choose simple lines and fabrics that complement your home’s interior design but subtly make a statement of their own. Why not throw in vibrant splashes of colour with artwork that inspires you and a colourful rug to balance the minimalist home office decor?

Get all the practical office essentials

If your home office setup is a nook, consider a compact or fold-up desk that’s there when you’re in work mode and tucked away after hours. Top that with a vintage suitcase that can take all your office paraphernalia, shut it and leave it in the corner and it’s an intriguing objet d’art. Even better, a classic roll-top desk looks great and makes a messy desktop disappear in seconds.

Next, consider exactly where you’ll spend the most time. Your home office chair needs to demonstrate function over form because it’s not a decorative piece, it’s an integral part of your productivity. Ergonomic support and comfort are everything and there’s plenty of time to collapse on the sofa once the day’s work is done.

It’s often tempting to go with bigger is better when choosing an office desk. It’s not, particularly when space is a factor. So while a wraparound corner desk might give you the expanse to sprawl paper paraphernalia all over the place, it might also create an unnecessary mess.

Keep office shelves to a minimum and don’t let them become dumping grounds for miscellany. If they’re not holding leatherbound editions, relevant business tomes or industry awards, they’re not doing their job!

The same applies to office credenzas. You can hide stuff behind their doors but keep their tops neat and tidy. Stow a Wi-Fi enabled ink-jet printer here, to keep clutter to a minimum.

There you have it: Be more productive in less time in the home office that’s ideal for you and the way you work. Discover more home office inspiration amongst the treasure troves at Gumtree Australia. Now you’ve got your home office set up sorted, why not consider upgrading your computer?

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