Boost Your Property Value with a Backyard Swimming Pool

Boost Your Property Value With A Backyard Swimming Pool

Spending more time at home this year? Boost your enjoyment and your property value with a new backyard swimming pool in your outdoor area. A backyard swimming pool is paradise in Australia and is a more achievable dream than you might think, with everything from simple DIY pools to custom lagoons available for every yard and budget.

Starting small with low-cost & DIY pool options

Always wanted a pool but thought it was beyond your budget? You can always start out with an affordable above-ground, prefabricated swimming pool. You can browse pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools for sale or have one made to your exact specifications. An above-ground pool is also portable, so you can take it with you to boost the fun in your next home. You’ll still need professional swimming pool installation to install the plumbing and fencing—unless you’ve got the know-how—but you’ll be neck-deep in cool water for much less than the cost of an in-ground pool.

Another way to fit a pool into your budget is to go small to reduce your swimming pool costs. Pools go up in price by size and larger pools

require more water to refill them—an expense that adds up over time—so you can save money with a plunge pool or lap pool that can be designed to fit into a small or narrow area.

Bigger & better with a custom in-ground pool

If you’re looking for a more luxurious inground pool, it’s always best to liaise with professional swimming pool builders who can provide you with the best options for your yard and budget. Swimming pools in a dazzling array of shapes and styles can be made from various materials, so professional advice is the safest way to make the right choices to maximise your budget and avoid costly blowouts caused by unforeseen issues.

If you’re building a new home, engage a professional early so you can make the most of your lot with an ‘architectural pool’ designed to match the lines of your home while maximising what can be done with the space available.

A custom-designed in-ground pool is a great way to go if you’re building a pool for your family. Family pools are all about fun—think water parks, only smaller and less crowded. With the help of your pool designer, you can add water features like slides for kids of all ages.

Boosting your pool value with landscaping and accessories

There are many accessories that will make your backyard swimming experience safer and more enjoyable. At a minimum, every pool needs fencing to comply with swimming pool regulations. The right swimming pool lights can keep you swimming 24/7. Landscaping a safe, non-slip area around the edge of your pool can help to prevent nasty accidents. If you’ve got the space, design a small storage area close to your pool to store your pool toys, accessories and cleaning supplies, too.

The right pool can deliver years of fun times for your family and thousands of dollars more at sale time. Not ready to take the plunge? You can also find the latest outdoor spas to relax and cool off at home on Gumtree.

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