Brighten Up this Winter with Our Top Garden Lighting Ideas

Brighten Up This Winter With Our Top Garden Lighting Ideas

Even in the depths of winter, if the nights are chilly but clear, your gardens, decks and patios are still great places to be. So, let there be light. Whether it’s solar or installed, fairy lights or LED, light up your life at night with these garden lighting ideas.

LED lights

Solar lights can be an inexpensive and effective option but do diminish in brightness over time. LED lights powered by the sun are a major breakthrough for virtually any after-dark garden setting. For less-trafficked areas, pathways away from the house or just for special occasions, LED lights shine in warm or cool white or colour-changing options.

For a smaller space, such as a courtyard or patio, and for side passages and short entrance pathways, mains electricity and permanent fittings are the best long-term investment. Garden light controllers using WiFi or Bluetooth give you remote control of your lighting setup. Garden light transformers are required to reduce mains voltage to 12 V.

Deck lighting ideas

Lots of light will spill from your interiors so look to the ends of the deck for illumination zones. Here, enclosed outdoor candles add a delightful flickering effect to alfresco entertaining.

If you have timber beams or permanent awning structures above you, position overhead lights above key areas like the outdoor dining setting, the barbeque and any lounge areas.

Patio lighting ideas

These small areas really benefit from some permanent illumination. Wall-mounted exterior lights are worth investing in to make this area so much easier to use and enjoy.

Pergola lighting ideas

For a whimsical effect, strings of fairy lights look fantastic. You can get solar ones or, if there’s a powerpoint handy, electric waterproof ones with a 12-volt adapter are ideal. If the pergola is wired up, a central outdoor chandelier adds to the magic.

Backyard lighting ideas

Draw a scale layout of the yard and all its features including swimming pools, decks or pergolas, major trees and garden beds. Plan from the outside in with subtle ground lighting in the corners that illuminate your gardens and inlaid lighting or high lamps over your paths. Above and behind you, floodlights mounted on your house walls can illuminate huge swathes of living area.

Adding motion sensors ensures lights are on when you need them most and prompts unwanted visitors to shy away.

Another great way to light up the backyard when the temperatures drops is with a brazier or fire pit.

Outdoor Christmas lights ideas

Whether it’s the actual silly season or Christmas in July, go crazy with strings of fairy lights, multi-coloured laser projector lights and illuminated inflatables of reindeer and the jolly old guy himself.

If you’re running long extension cords ensure that they’re well secured, preferably along walls where they can’t be tripped over, and that the connections at both ends are fully waterproofed.

See your home in a whole new light with these garden lighting ideas. Whether it’s indoors or out, Gumtree Australia has all your lighting needs for every possible space and occasion.

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