Build Your Perfect Home Workshop with Gumtree

Build Your Perfect Home Workshop With Gumtree

Your home workshop is the practical space where you can turn your best ideas into useful lifestyle advantages. It’s also your own private sanctuary, a place where you can escape the tumult of everyday life. In fact, you’ll probably wonder how you survived without one! Let’s get started.

Step one: Find your uncluttered space

Think about what room you have at your place that, with a few nifty fit-outs, could become your ideal home workshop.

The usual options are your garage, your basement or a shed out the back. If it’s your garage or basement—or even a spare room in the house—the first thing you need to do is declutter. It’s all about maximising the space you’ve got to work with. That way, you can visualise what will go where in your home workshop layout.

If you’re building a home workshop in a garden shed you’ll need to consider not just the structure itself but details like flooring, power and even plumbing. Alternatively, you could invest in a transportable studio or granny flat and do it all in style.

Step two: Power up

An important consideration in your layout is where your power is coming from, so make sure you give some thought to where the power points should be. Take into account how many power tools, heaters, lights and even computers you might want to run. Unless you’re a qualified electrician, trust the experts to do it for you.

Then give it a new lease of life with a coat of paint. Your home workshop should be well-lit—and one way to enhance that is by avoiding dark colours in your decor.

Lighting is crucial because this is where you’ll be working for hours at a time, often concentrating on fiddly bits or intricate details. Fluorescent tube lighting is bright and efficient to run, but you’ll also need lights you can move around and angle just where you want them. Portable LED lights are ideal for this.

Step three: Fitout fun

The mainstay of home workshop fit-outs is the trusty workbench. Make a handy list of features you’re looking for before you start browsing. This could include anything from mounting a vice to dust extraction and under-bench storage. Then, line a few walls with the shelving you need to keep everything in its place.

This is the reward for all your efforts—choosing the power tools you need plus the ones you’ve always wanted as well. From power drills to screwdriver sets and absolutely everything in between, choose from leading brands like Ryobi, Black & Decker, Ozito and Bosch for the equipment you need to make your projects succeed.

Finally, make it fun. Your home workshop is part of your lifestyle, so deck it out to your taste. Mount a TV on the wall. Add a sound system to whistle while you work. Throw in a bar fridge—because you’ll want to wind down and celebrate when the work is done!

From the best accessories to insights on home workshop tool storage ideas and state-of-the-art home workshop equipment, you’ll find all you need to bring your home workshop ideas to life at Gumtree Australia.

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