What to Look for While Shopping for Furniture Online

furniture tipsFinding a gem online


Whether you’re looking for a new statement piece or just rounding out a room, finding the perfect piece of furniture to complement your style isn’t as hard as you may think.

Award winning designer Dana Tomic-Hughes from Yellowtrace has six simple tips for finding a gem online.

  1. Look for good “bone structure”. Look at the lines, size and proportion of the piece. You may need to use your imagination to look past the worn fabric or the unattractive paint.
  2. Examine items closely. If you’re looking to buy furniture, find out what material the goods are made of as this can impact the restoration or re-purposing process.
  3. Think outside the box. Vintage jars, bottles and glassware make great vases; old cases can make fantastic side and coffee tables.
  4. Search smart. Research the specific style and era of pieces you’re interested in. This will save time by only showing the results relevant to what you want.
  5. Quality vs. cost. When buying pre-loved, you can get fantastic pieces at low prices, but always take into consideration possible restoration costs before making a purchase.


Stay in theme. When you start your search, keep in mind how items will fit in with your current décor. Look for a hero piece to tie the design together – this can set the look for the whole room or complement your existing style.

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