Caring for Your Metal Garden Furniture: From Iron to Aluminium

Caring For Your Metal Garden Furniture: From Iron To Aluminium

Metal garden furniture doesn’t just look great—with proper care, it can also stand up to some of the toughest conditions the Australian climate can throw at it. Here are our top tips for caring for metal garden furniture.

Tough as iron: caring for classic iron garden furniture

Well-kept wrought iron garden furniture (also known as French iron garden furniture) gives your garden a timeless look, as does cast iron furniture with its smooth finish and lines. Both of them are susceptible to corrosion, so proper care and regular cleaning is essential.

Our top tips for caring for iron garden furniture:

  • For wrought iron garden furniture, use a mild mixture of water and detergent to clean all surfaces before rinsing with clean water. On detailed pieces, use a small brush and soapy water (a soft toothbrush is ideal) to get into crevices.
  • For cast iron garden furniture, scrub the furniture with a solution of water and gentle detergent. Thoroughly dry the piece once it’s clean.
  • For all iron furniture, try to keep it protected from the weather or extreme sunlight to preserve the finish (and protect yourself from burns in summer!).

Modern finishes: caring for aluminium and powder-coated garden furniture

There’s a reason aluminium and powder-coated garden furniture is popular—it’s super easy to keep clean and looking great. Make sure to buy furniture that’s been rust-proofed by the manufacturer, or do it yourself using a rust-proofing solution so that you won’t need to remove rust or do any complicated restoration for a while (if ever).

Most aluminium or powder-coated furniture can be cleaned with soapy water and a clean cloth. Remove all debris regularly, and keep out of direct sunlight to maximise the life of brightly coloured furniture.

Care and repair: restoring damaged metal garden furniture

Without the proper care, your metal garden furniture may have deteriorated to the point where you need to restore it with either a new finish or a fresh coat of your preferred paint.

Our top tips for restoring metal garden furniture:

  • If you’re restoring cast iron furniture, sand your furniture completely before applying a new finish. If the surface is in poor condition, or for big garden furniture, save yourself from excess sanding by using a chemical rust remover. Rinse the furniture to remove all debris and dry thoroughly before applying a rust-resistant primer. You can then apply paint made for metals in layers until you achieve the desired finish. Apply a topcoat to seal and protect your restored furniture.
  • For aluminium furniture, sand your furniture completely before wiping the surface with mineral spirits to remove all fine debris. Spray a coat of epoxy primer over the furniture and allow it to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions before applying a coat of polyurethane topcoat paint. Allow the topcoat paint to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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