Cars that go on sale in winter

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As with most things, there is an off season for purchases and winter is commonly a time when fewer cars are purchased; especially certain types of cars. Sports cars, convertibles and other cars that are considered summertime vehicles will often sell for less during this season because fewer people are in the market to buy them. Even family cars can sell for better prices in the winter since fewer people are shopping.

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Early in the winter season, dealers are often trying to clear last year’s models off the lot. New models tend to arrive during the late summer and early fall, and whatever is left of the previous year’s models will go for a discounted price as the weather turns to winter. Dealers will be more willing to strike a bargain to move an older model.

Get a hot deal in winter

There’s not a guaranteed ‘best’ time to buy a car, but you can always find a good deal in winter. There are a lot of half yearly sales going on in the retail sector and the same can be said for cars, especially if you’re looking for a convertible to fill your garage and don’t mind the chill when you drop the top of the car.

Dealers with convertibles to get rid of will be wanting to make space for cars with the more seasonal appeal, like 4WD and sedans – this means a better deal for you. If you’re worried about a leak in the rain or snow freezing you out on your trip to Thredbo, never fear as modern engineering techniques for convertibles have things like electric fabric roofs and folding metal hardtops that are simple to use, reliable and will keep the weather where it belongs…outside.

So, if you’re looking to buy a car we suggest buying a convertible in winter and if you’re looking to sell one – wait until summer.

Here are some great deals we found on Gumtree:


2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK200 Grey SLK Convertible – $42,750.00  

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2013 BMW 118d Steptronic Blue 6 Speed Sports Automatic Convertible – $32,800.00

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2014 Audi A3 Ambition Convertible 1.8T 7spd DSG – $36,350.00

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