Chair and stool options for every room in the house

Chair And Stool Options For Every Room In The House

Australians spend an average of 10 hours a day sitting down. With so much time spent sitting, we’ve put together a guide to chair and stool options for every area of the home.

Lounges, couches & sofas

The lounge setting is often the centrepiece of your home’s decor and the size and shape of the lounge room can dictate what can fits where. Go for pieces that enhance a sense of spaciousness. To add that cinematic experience to your home theatre, recliner chairs are the ultimate. When guests stay the night, a fold-out sofa bed, sofa chair or futon sofa are all practical and versatile. Alongside your sofas, an armchair gives you a special place to relax.

When it comes to the look, the fabric is everything. Two key factors when considering the fabric are durability and stain resistance. Leather couches and armchairs are long-lasting and look great. Wool couches are soft and comfortable and do well with combatting stains.

Dining chairs

Consider complete dining sets, or choose separate dining chairs with the flexibility to mix and match styles to suit your taste. You’ll spend a considerable amount of time around the dining table so the chairs need to be sturdy and supportive. If you are looking for fabric inlays, it’s all about endurance—with food around there are bound to be spills. Materials such as polyester and vinyl are durable choices for dining chairs or any upholstered furniture.

Stools and bar stools

Modern kitchens often make an island or bench a focal point and with that comes the breakfast bar. Choose stools that are the correct height for your counter or go for an adjustable bar stool instead. Bar stool chairs or high stool chairs are great for using at your kitchen table. While ordinary stools are good, ones with back support are better for longer periods.

To sit up straight at your dressing table, a makeup stool chair is an ideal option. For support in the bathroom, shower chairs and stools make life so much easier.

Office chairs

When working from home you could just grab a kitchen chair but your back will howl, letting you know you’ve made a mistake. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair or office stool chair and it will pay you back in increased productivity.

Outdoor chairs and settings

Outdoor chairs and furniture must withstand the elements. Metal chairs and furniture settings with glass-topped tables are virtually indestructible. Rattan furniture in natural fibres need regular cleaning while manmade synthetics and resins deliver fantastic durability. Timber chairs and lounges look great but need care as well. Give them a light sanding and oil or stain them every spring to look revitalised.

Deck chairs are great outdoors and can simply be folded and packed away out of the sun or rain. If you’re lounging by the pool or on it, there’s a range of stylish pieces and quirky inflatables to choose from.

For all the best seats in the house, in your office or by the barbeque, Gumtree Australia has you covered. You can also search for tables and desks to go with those chairs and stools.

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