Chicken Coop Ideas for Every Backyard

Chicken Coop Ideas For Every Backyard

From small townhouses to semi-rural lots, it’s never been easier to find the perfect chicken coop for any backyard. With plenty of versatile chicken coops in a range of materials, sizes and styles, you can find the right coop to house your brood. These chicken coop ideas will have you well on your way to fresh, free-range eggs.

The basics: What every good chicken coop should have

Making eggs is hot work, so your chickens will need a well-ventilated home that’s protected from the weather. A chicken coop should have a nesting box (where your chickens lay eggs for you to collect) and a roost (where your chickens rest at night). You’ll also need a comfortable way to get inside the coop to collect eggs, refill food and water, and clean.

While many backyards might seem secure and well-equipped enough to house your chickens without a coop, think again. There’s a reason even chickens on farms live in coops: chickens are dusty and they leave droppings everywhere. Plus foxes and other predators are more prevalent than you may think. Keeping your chickens in a coop protects both them and the rest of your yard.

Cute coops for small backyards

Chicken coops make a great addition to any small urban backyard. You can enjoy a daily supply of fresh eggs along with a touch of country life and lots of fun for the kids. The only constraint imposed by your yard will be the size of the coop and the number of chickens you can have. Chickens need adequate space to stay productive, happy and disease-free. Make sure to ask the coop seller how many chickens can live in your chosen coop.

Consider a space-efficient chicken hutch style coop. Hutches typically stack the nesting boxes and roosts on top of an area enclosed by wire called a chicken run where your chickens hang out during the day, with a ramp that connects the two.

Chicken mansions for spacious backyards

If you’ve got ample space, you can go for a bigger coop which means more birds and more space to maximise their egg production and health. It’ll also make life easier for you if the coop is big enough to walk around in comfortably.

Large chicken coops mean larger chicken runs for your chickens to move around, forage in the grass, sunbathe and scratch in the dirt – basically, all the things that chickens love to do – which means healthier chickens that lay more eggs over a longer lifespan.

Extras for eggs-perts: coop additions to consider

Specific environments will require some additions to the standard chicken coop. If you live in a cold climate you may need a heater to keep your chickens warm. It’s important for any chicken coop to be safe and secure from predators but if you live in an area prone to specific threats you’ll need to reinforce your coop with snake or vermin proof chicken wire for more thorough protection.

The perfect coop for your chickens is possible, no matter where you live. Looking for enclosures for other birds or pets? We’ve got a great selection of bird cages and houses for all kinds of pets on Gumtree Australia.

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