Cruise into summer with a convertible

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How are you going to drive into summer 2016?

Imagine the first day of summer, the temperature is through the roof and you’re stuck taking the bus…hot, sticky and overcrowded – not to mention the BO. Now, picture yourself cruising down the street with the top down on your convertible, wind through your hair and your only destination for the day is the beach.

Just like the Vanilla Ice song says “rollin’ in my 5.0, with the ragtop down so my hair can blow…” You too can drop the top on your very own Mustang, slide on down to the beach and get your tan on – in style.

If you own a convertible, you’ll know that it’s basically like having two vehicles in one – roof off is the weekend car and roof on is the weekday work vehicle. The right convertible can not only make you look great, but can also give you a lifestyle change and totally change your perspective.

“Is there nothing greater than a swift cruise with wind blowing through your hair?” Savvy Car Loans CEO Bill Tsouvalas says. “Convertibles are built for Australian conditions. Europeans and Americans might produce them in large numbers, but convertibles and soft-top coupes ought to be an Aussie invention. They’re a thrill to drive, especially up and down the coast.”

Check out Gumtree, if you’re looking for a great deal and a car that’ll turn some heads! Here are a few that caught my eye:

BMW M3 convertible e46 2006 model $25,999.00

Image credit: Gumtree owner


2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK200 BE Convertible $41,000.00

Image credit: Gumtree owner


2006 Holden Astra Convertible $11,750.00

Image credit: Gumtree owner


2015 Ford Mustang FM GT SelectShift Red 6 Speed Sports Automatic Convertible $83,990.00

Image credit: Gumtree owner


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