CV vs Resume: which one you do you need?


Let’s start with the difference between a resume and a CV.


A resume is the summary of your education, work history, accomplishments, and skills. It should include your name and contact information (not to state the obvious). Some people also include objectives and a career summary at the top of their resume.

A resume is pretty much a condensed version of your CV and is usually one to two pages in length.

When creating your resume there are different formats you can follow: chronological, functional and combination formats.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is typically longer than a resume and gives a more in depth look into your education, work history, accomplishments, and skills.

CVs usually include more information on your academic background, including your schooling, degrees, research, awards, publications, presentations and other achievements.

A CV is at least two to three pages in length.

Which one do you need?

Create a template for both, we say template as it’s important to tailor your CV and resume to the job you’re looking applying for and the industry of that job. Make sure you match your experience with job description advertised.

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