How to deck out your lounge room like an interior designer

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Is your living room feeling a bit dull or non-existent? With spring cleaning in play, now is the perfect time to redecorate your digs like a pro and start afresh. James Treble from The Living Room shows us how to deck out your lounge room like an interior designer below.

Join the 62% of Australians who are buying second hand via an online marketplace to save money*. You could decorate your living room with designer furniture and save up to 50% off in the process by buying through Gumtree.

Start by searching for rugs, lounges, tables, and other pieces that you can see coming together in your living space. Items on Gumtree range from modern, classic to contemporary, from minimal to rich in colour and various décor styles for all tastes. Once you’ve set the scene, find ornaments, flowers, and home decor to complete your lounge room.

From second hand to new furniture, and everything you need to deck out your house, Gumtree has more than 2.5 million live listings across hundreds of categories and on average, almost 30% of these are listed as ‘new’*.

Transform your lounge room into a stylish, cosy, and sophisticated space with Gumtree below:

French Provinicial lounge set – $1500                                                                                                                           Image credit: Gumtree User


This three-piece lounge set will brighten up your living space.

Italian White Marble Coffee Table – $750                                                                                                                 

Image credit: Gumtree User


Bring sophistication to your lounge room with high-end makes like this marble Nick Scali coffee table.

Large woollen rug – $2950

Image credit: Gumtree User


Add splashes of colour with centrepieces like this sprawling woollen rug.

It’s a great idea to keep track of how much you’ve paid for each item so that you know the value of your home’s contents. By reviewing the combined value of your contents you can ensure that your home and contents insurance provides you with adequate cover should you need to make a claim.

Tips for buying on Gumtree

1.       Do your research: Dedicate time to researching what’s out there and the average price of similar items. The saved searches tool is great if you’re looking for a particular item or brand, as it provides you with an email update whenever a similar item is listed.

2.       Ask questions: When first contacting the seller, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about the condition of the item and why it’s for sale, as well as if there are receipts or warranties available. It’s easy to contact a seller via the Gumtree My Messages feature.

3.       Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate a price you think is fair but don’t offer an unrealistic amount.

4.       Meet in person: A transaction should always be made face-to-face, with an in-person payment once the goods have been inspected or the service completed. Never send or wire money to somebody you don’t know. For personal ease and safety, arrange to meet in a public place and take a friend or family member with you.

*Gumtree commissioned Second Hand Economy Report, by Galaxy Research, August 2016

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