Dining Room Furniture for Your Best Dinner Parties Yet

Dining Room Furniture For Your Best Dinner Parties Yet

Open plan living and dining areas have been the trend in Australian architecture for a while now. You might want to define that dining space or you have a formal dining area you want to make more enjoyable. Read on to find ideas to make entertaining in your home easy for you and fun for everyone.

Dining room tables and chairs

Your dining space is important if you are having guests for a sit-down dinner. If you are a frequent entertainer, you might consider an extendable table. Some kitchen and dining room tables come with a lazy Susan, a rotating disk in the middle which is great for laying out BBQ spreads or tapas-style dinners. You can also buy lazy Susans separately to dining room tables—one advantage of detachable versions is that they can be stored away when not in use—and a small one is great for condiments or snacks when you have lots of guests around a big table.

If you are having a party with finger food, creating multiple gathering and eating areas around your home will accommodate your guests with a party atmosphere. Bring out extra seating from other rooms—no one will mind if it doesn’t match your kitchen stools or dining room chairs.

Dining room accessories

Side tables can be used to present crockery and cutlery ready for guests to use. Sideboards or buffets are functional pieces of dining room furniture that can store your extra crockery and party serving ware. A cupboard in your dining area can also be handy storage for table games and jigsaw puzzles. Dining furniture sets often offer a matching table, buffet and/or hutch for a cohesive look. A hutch is a versatile combination of closed-in cupboards below and tall, open shelving above.

Keep in mind that you still need to allow room for people to move amongst your accessories. A great home for entertaining will offer a variety of spaces for people to stand, sit or lounge around. If you are expecting lots of guests, perhaps add bean bags from children’s rooms and large cushions to your living room floor to create another, more comfortable layer to the seating options.

Take the party outside

In summer, your outside spaces can be used for everything, including eating. Market umbrellas are great for sun blockage and the occasional rain shower. Just don’t forget to stow them away when stormy weather is predicted. When you have guests over at night, your plants will look their best illuminated by some garden lights.

In wintertime, the outdoors can be made welcoming with fire-pits, BBQs or space heaters. For a big party, have your folding tables and camping chairs handy. Throw rugs and cushions will add warmth. Other accessories you might like to collect include festivelights, themed tablecloths, bunting and dinnerware.

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