Dining Room Ideas to Add Extra Flavour to Your Home

Dining Room Ideas To Add Extra Flavour To Your Home

Does your dining room need a refresh? Some simple changes to accessories such as lighting, dinnerwear and cushions can add pizazz instantly, making the space feel more intimate. We show you how in this guide.

To make sure your dining room is in tip-top shape for entertaining and everyday meals consider the colour scheme, the size of the room and the artwork. A few stand-out pieces truly say something.

The lighting

Dining room lighting can have a big effect on the mood at mealtimes and gatherings. Pendant lights put the light closer to the table by bringing it down from the ceiling. They look fantastic and can be a great talking point. They are fabulous for task lighting too. Chandeliers are another fancy lighting idea that look extravagant but can be surprisingly affordable, and they are available in a wide range of designs.

Dining table decor

A beautiful tablecloth, fancy napkins, nice cutlery and an eye-catching dinner set will have your dining table looking stylish and classy. Placemats, coasters, table runners and cool salt and pepper shakers can all help add that special touch and can be swapped as the occasion commands.

Why not use different materials when you co-ordinate your dining room homewares? There are gorgeous silk homewares available, or you can support the environment with eco-friendly options such as bamboo, rattan or natural reeds.

Australia is very multicultural and luckily for us the range of foods that we celebrate when both dining in and out has expanded rapidly in the past 30 years! If you often dine on international fare you could set your table to the culinary type – Chinese style napkins and chopsticks really set the mood when you are having Chinese or a Thai or Mexican setting can look great with these types of eats. Everyone can feel that they are experiencing another culture that is educational and a lot of fun for adults and kids alike.


The right homewares can make a dining room feel comfortable and celebratory. Co-ordinate your setting with fabulous dining room chair cushions and dining room chair covers. Neutral tones create a stylish look that will go with any table setting, while some bright cushions are fun and fabulous too.

The floor tends to be an area of a dining room that not only has a lot of wear and tear, it often cops a lot of food scraps and spills! Eye-catching dining room rugs in darker hues gives the room a warm feel and can be easily vacuumed after meals.

Pictures & wall art

A picture speaks a thousand words and can be a great topic of dinner conversation. You could use black and white prints and photos, your children’s paintings, pics of food or sets of smaller matching prints.

Great dining room wall art needn’t break the bank—there are plenty of prints and wall hangings of all sizes available online. Add some allure to your meal area with these great homewares from Gumtree.

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