Dining Room Inspiration: Bring Your Luxury to Your Table

Dining Room Inspiration: Bring Your Luxury To Your Table

Whether you’re looking to add a few minor touches to your dining room or revamping it with a completely new look and style, Gumtree has the goods. Read on to see how you can easily add a more luxurious look by changing up your decor, colour schemes, artwork, lighting and styles.

Coordinate your living room colours to your dining room

If your dining room and living room are adjacent an interesting and not often used idea is to co-ordinate them with a matching colour scheme. We have found this works really well with different shades of brown and neutrals. Adding a few splashes of another colour like blue or yellow in both rooms will create added appeal for your interior design space. These contrasting hues could tie into a warm-toned rug, a print, a vase or an ornament, helping to blend the two rooms.

Another decorating idea is to use a black and white theme with black and white placemats and coasters and a coordinating rug. It gives a modern, glamorous feel, adding instant sophistication to an otherwise plain room.

Dining room decor

Dining room wall decor, in the form of tapestries and quality artwork, can be luxurious additions. If your dining room is big enough, a cool oversized print will not overshadow the room. Wall art in the form of stickers, murals or wallpaper draws the eye. There are many outstanding wall art pieces available, ideal for dining rooms.

Have a dining bar? Some dark wooden bar stools that coordinate with a large dining room create a festive and cosy atmosphere. This not only gives a groovy feel, it’s also practical.

Making the most of your space

What is the size of your dining room? If you have a large space, lamps and occasional tables can help make a contemporary dining room work. In a smaller dining room, you can use lighting to great effect: it will accentuate the room to make it seem larger. If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, dining room table centrepieces in the form of vintage ornaments, vases of all types or fresh flowers work a treat.

Dining room styles

There are many different dining room styles. A country farmhouse style dining room lends itself perfectly to wooden dining furniture, white chairs and hutches, a rocking chair, indoor plants and flowers, quaint lamps and wicker placemats. Just walking into a room like this has us dreaming of rustic meals home-cooked with hand-picked ingredients.

For a more elegant feel, go for dining room table centrepiece, mirrors, heavy drapes and fancy lighting in the form of a classic chandelier. A suspended dining room pendant light can also complement this room style very nicely. We find this setting suits a more formal dining experience, and can work well if you have two dining areas—one for every day and one for special occasions. Remember to match the style with any dining room artwork you plan to use.

When it comes to dining in, adding a few extra touches to the table can make all the difference. Whatever your taste and style, you will find lots of dining room inspiration on Gumtree. Shop today and save!

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