DIY Air conditioner Service: How to Care for Your Air conditioner

DIY Air Conditioner Service: How To Care For Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning not as cool as it used to be? It could be time for an air conditioner service to keep the air in your home cool and clean. If you’re looking to keep your service costs low and your air conditioner working for as long as possible, we’ve got these top air conditioner repair and maintenance tips for your home.

How to regularly clean your air conditioning unit

Safety first. Make sure to switch your air conditioner off completely before starting any work. You should also read the manual for your air conditioner so you know if anything you’re about to do will impact vital parts or void your warranty (or both). While you’re checking the manual, check whether the manufacturer has recommended a cleaning regimen, and if there are any built-in features for self-cleaning. Many manufacturers will recommend cleaning particular elements like filters every 6 or 12 months. If you don’t have any manufacturer instructions, the following guidelines will work for most airconditioning units:

  • Every 6 months—Clean and/or replace the dust filter screens in the indoor unit of a split system, in the indoor side of a window air conditioner, or as per the instructions for your ducted air conditioning system. Wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of your unit with a soft, damp cloth, and clean any extra filters or attachments (for example, air purifiers).
  • Every 12 months—Clean the outdoor unit and remove any debris that might have settled.

Common air conditioner repairs you can do yourself

Common air conditioner repairs you can do yourself are generally limited to replacing filters or external airconditioner parts like louvres, if they’re easily accessible without opening up the unit completely. However, it’s important to remember that not all air conditioner problems are about the unit itself—you need to keep the area around your air conditioner in good order, too. If you have a window air conditioning unit that’s letting warm air in, reseal the area around your window air conditioning unit to cover any gaps. If you have a split system or window unit, make sure to check for any external objects (like plants or debris) that could be interfering with the operation of your unit regularly.

When to call a professional or replace your air conditioner

If your air conditioner performance requires more extensive investigation or repair, you should always call a licenced air conditioning repairer. While there are small jobs you can do yourself, we don’t recommend opening up any of the internal or electrical parts of your air conditioner. A professional will know exactly how to complete any split system, ducted or room air conditioner repair.

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