DIY Blind and Curtain Makeover: Window Coverings on a Budget

DIY Blind And Curtain Makeover: Window Coverings On A Budget

Window treatments are often a functional requirement for a room. Curtains and blinds can provide privacy from the outside when needed and can be used to regulate light within your living spaces. Read on to discover budget ways to find and install your own functional window treatments and lift your decor to a whole new level.

For practicality and privacy from the outside

There are plenty to choose from—curtains or blinds? Or both? Doubling up can provide dual functions, such as adding sunlight blockage to sheer or voile curtains. Double curtains usually require a double rod system for effective layering, so your choices may be determined by what you already have—unless you want to change or add to your method of hanging.

Full sunblock ready-to-hang curtains are available in many fabrics, textures and colours. Heavy blinds will also block UV rays, and both treatments can help insulate a room from the sun. For effective, passive solar heating, open your windows and curtains or blinds when the sun hits them and close them when the shade returns—or vice versa on those hot summer days.

Well-placed awnings and shutters can also help regulate temperature in an eco-friendly way. Security screens provide another functionality. You will find lots of blinds, shutters and screens for standard-sized windows, but a window that is different to the norm might need custom fitting.

For looking fab from the inside

Ready-to-hang affordable curtains and blinds are available in standard sizes. Measure your window carefully and if you want full-length curtains that hang freely, check that the drop length is slightly short. Some heavier curtains are deliberately styled to be extra long so that they bunch up and give an opulent effect.

Vertical blinds tend to be custom-made to suit a window, but if you have fairly standard-sized windows, you could well find some ready-to-hang or second-hand ones on Gumtree. Roller blinds are now available in lots of fashionable colours and textures. Other popular types of blinds include venetians, timber venetians, bamboo or reed and Roman blinds. Plantation shutters are also popular, in timber, faux wood or Hamptons-style white.

Window dressings with pizzazz

Even cheap blinds and curtains can add a wow factor to a room. Window dressing accessories can be subtle—for example, pelmets the same colour as the curtains. Pelmets can be structural, like a box covering the top of the curtain, or soft, like a draped or gathered fabric layer at the top. Soft pelmets can be added or removed with the seasons, to change your window look and function. Pelmets of bright, contrasting colours or patterns can be a striking element.

Other decor blinds and curtain accessories you might consider are decorative slings and weighted, beaded or tasselled rope ties. Putting small weights in the bottom of curtains will change how they move on a windy day.

Now that you’ve canvassed the possibilities, head to Gumtree to find a big variety of standard and unique curtains and blinds for every budget.

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