DIY Glamping


Spring is finally here! And with it brings longer days and warmer weather, meaning more time to spend outdoors. For some, spring also means the start of camping season – the time for packing up and setting off on long weekends away. And while some enjoy roughing it Bear Grylls style, heading out into the wilderness with nothing but the essentials, for others the ideal camping spot is a ready-made ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping) site. Somewhere the tent’s up, the bed’s made and all you have to do is relax.

And then there’s something in between. Those who aren’t interested in re-enacting an episode of Man Vs. Wild, but who couldn’t truly relax amongst rows of fancy tents. If you don’t mind a proper camping getaway but would like to add a touch of luxury to your trip, here are a few tips to get you DIY glamping this spring.

The tent
The big difference with glamping is that the tents are quite spacious – there’s no hitting your head on the roofs of those things! So if you want to create your own glamping experience you’ll need to find something quite large. Luxury tents like an Eco Tent or SoulPad are an option, or any large two-room tent will give you enough space to move around. Whatever you decide, make sure test your tent before you buy to make sure it suits what you’re after.

The bed
Having a comfortable bed is essential for glamping. The good news is that self-inflating mattresses aren’t what they used to be! Quality air mattresses, such as the eurobed, can be almost as good as a real bed, with high sides and contoured tops for maximum glamping comfort. Handy tip: the air in an inflatable mattress can get quite cold at night, so invest in a soft underlay to put between you and the mattress to keep you cosy.

The little extras
It’s the little details that can turn an ordinary camping experience into a five star affair. And while a generator is ideal if you want to run a fridge or other electric devices, it’s not the be all and end all for a perfect trip away. In addition to your essentials like a gas powered cooker and esky, by packing a few special items you can change the whole feel of your trip:
• Candles or camping lanterns can create a romantic atmosphere
• An MP3 player (battery powered) for your favourite music
• Chairs and a table if you have the room
• Wine glasses, plates and cutlery for a fine dining experience

Remember, there are no prizes for being uncomfortable. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a few creature comforts while enjoying the outdoors! So if you can’t bear the thought of being in a cramped little tent on a rolled up mattress, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a little luxury while sleeping under the stars.

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