Don’t be a hoarder! Turn your unwanted goods into cash


Looking to make some extra cash? What if we told you that the average Aussie could have about $6,000 worth of second hand goods stashed in their homes. Find more in this video below.

Gumtree conducted a survey to find out just how many Australians are hoarding unwanted goods and found that 88% of us are hanging on to goods we no longer need! That’s a whole lot of unwanted stuff just lying around.

See what items our users have lying around, that have been sold or are selling on Gumtree:


No space for that Outdoor BBQ,

RRP $2499, currently sold on Gumtree for $1450.


Pre-loved Inflatable Kayak sitting in garage for a year,

RRP $200, sold on Gumtree For $150.


Pre-loved comfy outdoor/indoor Bean Bags nearly new,

RRP $198, Sold on Gumtree For $170.


Clearing out the pre-loved White Leather Lounge for a safer colour,

RRP $7500, Currently sold on Gumtree for $4,000.


Pre-loved Rattan Outdoor Table Set,

RRP $699, sold on Gumtree for $499.


Sun lounges taking up the pool view,

RRP $140, currently sold on Gumtree for $100.

Together Australians hoard $82 billions worth of good! Which works out to around $6000 of potential sales for every person in Australia.

Last year, 64% of people selling their second hand goods ended up getting more money than they expected.


Many people don’t realise that the second hand economy is worth big bucks.  there is a decent amount of spare cash to be made for things you are no longer using.

Snippet 2

Research shows people hoard around 23 items (or more!), selling will not only make us some extra cash but also create space!

Snippet 3

When you start clearing out your closets, you might be surprised by the amount of things you’ve been hoarding. Research shows Men tend to hold on to games, toys, electronic goods and sporting equipment, while women will often hoard baby items, books, clothes and accessories. All of these household items – and a whole lot more! – could easily be swapped for cash.

Snippet 4

Selling on Gumtree is quick, convenient with thousands of potential buyers, your pre-loved goods can be snapped up in no time, all from the comfort of your own home. Don’t be a hoarder – sell your unwanted goods on Gumtree today!

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  1. Hi! Where do we go to find out who the winners were of the fabulous #unwantedgoods promotion just held by Gumtree?

  2. Gumtree really works . I had a few things that I no longer used and were taking up space . So I cleaned them up and took some nice photos and put them on Gumtree . Within 24 hrs I sold my first item . Since then in 4 days I have sold 3 more items . I am really happy how easy it has been to turn unwanted items into cash. Thanks Gumtree

  3. I would recommend Gumtree to all my friends I have found it very good and nearly all persons that i have come to contact through Gumtree have been more then helpful with what i have been after.

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