How Far Can Electric Cars In Australia Travel?

Electric Cars In Australia Charging Point

How far can electric cars travel?

An important question for prospective buyers of electric cars in Australia. The range of different electric car models varies considerably, so that’s we put together the infographic below. It clearly displays the average travel distance of 10 electric cars available in Australia, with range stated in kilometres (km). Distances are based on a full, single charge of each car.

Did you know: The range of electrically powered cars is also influenced by your driving style and conditions (much the same as a petrol based car).

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How much do electric cars cost?

Another useful question. Especially when weighing up pros / cons of electric cars in Australia, compared to hybrids or petrol powered automobiles. We’ve included costs next to each model below. Find out more pros and cons, benefits and info on electric cars in our ultimate Electric Car Buyers Guide.

What are the charging costs of electric cars in Australia?

Charging costs also vary between models. Average annual charging costs are set out below. (Costs do not include charging equipment). Importantly, when compared to petrol vehicles, electric cars save you lots of dollars in fuel, as well as being environmentally friendly.

how far can electric cars in australia travel

Infographic design by Pulpo

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