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If someone says the words “Harley Davidson”, you might immediately think of loud engines, wide handle bars, leather, beards and tattoos. Safe to say, you probably wouldn’t picture an eco-warrior cruising silently along the highway on a low-emission bike. But just last month, Harley Davidson unveiled its new electric motorcycle – the Livewire. A surprising invention from the iconic American brand.

There are no plans to actually put this electro-Hog into production yet. But if Harley Davidson, known for its petrol guzzling bad-boy motorbikes, has taken the time to create this low-emission alternative, it makes you wonder if electric vehicles might become the norm sooner than we thought.

So, why go electric? Well the obvious benefit is not needing petrol. With fossil fuels slowly diminishing it makes sense to find an alternative way to power our vehicles. And they’re cheaper to run; as the price of petrol soars year after year, the cost of electric charging is minimal in comparison. Not to mention very little need for servicing, so expensive trips to the garage soon become a thing of the past.

But despite reduced running costs, the upfront costs are generally higher if you choose electric, so you need to be in it for the long haul before you reap the rewards. Also, electric vehicles generally can’t travel as far, which means you’ll have to charge more often and spend more time doing so.

If you’re thinking this is all sounding a bit futuristic, you’re probably right – in Australia, anyway. At the moment, we only have around 700 electric vehicles on the road, compared with a whopping 180,000 in the United States . But all this may change. There’s currently a push to build an electric highway – a network of around 35 charging stations – in Western Australia, which would mean electric vehicle owners could finally start taking road trips without worrying about flat batteries! And just maybe, we might eventually see a few Harley Davidson Livewires cruising around our shores.

So, what do you think? Are you tempted to go electric? Or will you stick to petrol-fuelled vehicles for the time being? Of course you can always try hybrid – a mix of electric and petrol – if you want the best of both worlds. Whatever your preference, if you’re in the market for a new car or motorcycle, there are thousands to choose from on Gumtree. Mainly the petrol-fuelled kind for now, but we have a feeling there’ll be more electric vehicles on Gumtree in years to come.

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