Expecting Guests? It’s Time to Invest in a Comfier Sofa Bed

Expecting Guests? It’s Time To Invest In A Comfier Sofa Bed

When you’ve got guests, a sofa bed or futon or even a single-chair pull out sofa bed are handy additions to your home décor. We’ve put together a list of comfy sofa bed options for the next time your family or friends stay over.

Sofa beds

Before you search for the best sofa beds for sale in Australia, there are two types of sofa beds to consider. The most common is the pull-out bed with everything all neatly tucked away in the base of the unit. These offer higher levels of sleeping comfort. On the other hand, they’re extremely heavy so moving them can be laborious, particularly if there are stairs involved. You can get these as three-seater sofas that fold out to a queen-size bed or two-seaters that transform into a double bed.

The other option is the fold-back sofa couch where the back of the sofa first clicks forward then back to the horizontal to form one flat, padded surface. These are relatively lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. They are narrower than sofa beds and a lot firmer, often with a distinct ridge running off-centre along the length of the unit.

Sofa chairs

Where space is at a premium, a single sofa bed is perfect. Sofa-chairs come in a wide array of styles and fabrics like rich, supple leather, usually in modern or ultra-stylistic models. Because they’re big enough to fold out to a single bed, they’re not diminutive pieces so they can dominate a room. Sofa-chairs are also a wonderful platform for self-indulgence. Set it by a window and fold it out to bask in the sun and fall asleep with a good book.

Futon beds

Often confused with the fold-back style sofa mentioned earlier, or the traditional Japanese floor bed, the “western” futon sofa bed is a clever assembly of timber slats on a frame covered in a pliable mattress. These are stylish, light and easy to fold down but they’re quite a firm surface to sleep on compared to a sofa bed.

Murphy beds

The ultimate space saver, the Murphy bed folds up and disappears into a wall or cabinet. These can be combined with a desk or drawers and come in all sorts of configurations including bespoke units created for a permanent space in your home.

Trundle beds

The ideal solution to kids’ sleepovers, trundle beds have a base and mattress that simply slides out from beneath the main bed and sits alongside but lower down. These come in a huge range of styles. A desk bed is a great space saver for kids’ rooms as well.


Similar to the trundle, daybeds feature a three-sided enclosure around the top mattress. Throw lots of vibrant cushions on it and by day it’s a funky lounge. At night, pull out the lower base and you have room for two guests to sleep in comfort.

Sofa beds add stylish living space options to your home. You’ll find sofa beds for sale as well as colourful cushions, designer lighting and other home furnishings on Gumtree.

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