Finding the Perfect Housemate

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Looking for a housemate and don’t know where to start?

Right now, there are more than 22,000 share houses listed on Gumtree and close to 2,500 listings from house-hunters looking for a room.

Before you get going, take some time to consider the qualities you look for in a housemate and your preferred living situation. It might be easiest to create a checklist of the things most important to you.

Our tips below are a good starting point to guide conversations with prospective housemates:

1.       Personality matters

Are you a Game of Thrones fanatic or is The Vicar of Dibley more your thing? Have a think about the things you like (and equally, dislike) – if someone has similar interests to you, you’re more likely to get along.

2.       Get the finances right

Okay, so rent is $200 a week – but how much are the gas, electricity and internet bills? Some housemates also split the cost of groceries and general household items. Be upfront about all household costs from the beginning to avoid unwanted food-sharing and unpaid bills.

3.       It’s a lifestyle choice

Party animals and book worms will have different tolerances for loud music and house guests – the work schedule and social habits of housemates will have a significant impact your living situation. Make sure you’re honest about your own lifestyle and agree on boundaries up front.

4.       Cleanliness is next to godliness

An untidy bedroom is one thing but piles of dirty dishes are another. Set clear expectations about the standard of living or consider implementing a cleaning roster to avoid calling the pest inspector!

5.       Check References

Nobody knows a prospective housemate better than the ones they currently live with, or have lived with in the past. Ask for one or two references to give you a third party perspective.

Head to the Flatshare & Houseshare category on Gumtree to check out some of the places on offer.


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