Tony Abbott buys a fridge on Gumtree!


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The former prime minister Tony Abbott and wife Margie purchased a fridge on Gumtree this weekend, much to the surprise of the seller. Gumtree user Emily Hastings was astonished to see the former PM Tony Abbott rock up to her door sporting a baseball cap to buy the 3-year-old fridge and load it into their car. With the Abbotts relocating back to their old neighbourhood on the northern beaches of Sydney, Buzzfeed reports Margie said she thought the fridge would come in handy come Christmas time.

“My husband with Tony Abbott the proud new owner of our 3 year old Daewoo fridge bought on Gumtree for $300” said Emily on her Instagram page.

It shouldn’t surprise us Mr Abbott has taken advantage of the $30 billion dollar second hand economy to furnish his home now that he’s no longer at Kirribilli House. In fact, 63% of Australians prefer buying second hand in order to save money; they can then put their savings towards paying down debt, buying a new car or going on a holiday. Most Australians have more than $4,000 worth of unwanted items lying around the house. Why not cash in by putting some of your goods on Gumtree?

The fridges owners report, these benefits of using Gumtree:

  • Before reselling the Fridge to Mr. Abbott for $300, we originally bought the fridge 3 years ago from a Manly couple on Gumtree for $350-400.
  • We paid for a ‘Top Ad’ on Gumtree and after a day Margie contacted us. Bumping ads up definitely works!
  • We’ve made about $500 selling on Gumtree altogether (And plan to sell one of our cars in a few weeks).
  • We have also bought a washing machine, table, chairs, bed base & drawers off Gumtree.
  • Margie initially contacted us via Gumtree My Messages before exchanging texts (using My Messages can result in safer communication, as you don’t need to share your mobile number or personal contact details).

If you’re in the market for a new fridge then take a page out of the former prime minister’s book and score one of your own on Gumtree. Whether you’re buying a new one or replacing an old one, or Mr. Abbott if you’re reading this and need another one, here are a few fridges on Gumtree:

Westinghouse frost-free fridge – Gumtree price $800 RRP $1699
Image credit: Gumtree user
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This 430L frost free fridge is practically brand new so it’s perfect for your newly renovated kitchen.

New Bar fridge – Gumtree price $400
Image credit: Gumtree user
bar fridge
This stunning bar fridge is super stylish and very handy for holiday entertaining.

Samsung 2-door fridge with ice machine – Gumtree price $750
Image credit: Gumtree user
double door
Perfect for a large family, this sturdy 2-door with chilled water and ice will keep up with all the traffic through the kitchen.

Keg fridge – Gumtree price $1,300 RRP $2500
Image credit: Gumtree user
keg fridge
Surprise someone this Christmas with this retro Haier freezer which has been converted to a keg fridge.

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  1. Wow. Everyone has to watch the dollars when they are unemployed. unbelievable. Good on you Tony and Margie for being like the rest of us poor people and having to economise.

  2. thank Christ there are still some dinky-di Aussies left in Oz. The majority of the population, including my 3 over educated and over paid Children are so “Politically correct” and “above” being able to communicate with real people.
    the following words should be taught in Schools and Uni’s
    ‘Be kind to thy fellow man, for he too is fighting his own battle’.

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